Adult Humor

PHOTO: Confidence Is Everything!


When you think you look sexy ...

JOKE: At Zumba


Yes, actually it's 100 % true ...

A Redneck Wants to go to College


A Redneck on a college interview ...

PHOTO: Parties Nowadays


How parties look like these days ...

PHOTO: Megan Fox before plastic surgery!


How did Megan Fox looked like before plastic surgery?

PHOTO: Would You Leave Him?


For this kind of joke you have to have balls!


6.05.2013 PHOTO: It's Mommy Time!

Son, get of the camera >>

5.05.2013 PHOTO: When Nature Is Calling!

Everyone must pie once in a while ...>>

4.05.2013 PHOTO: Use Photoshop Properly

If you can't use it, don't use it.>>

3.05.2013 PHOTO: The Difference Between the Genders

If you still didn't know the diference between men and women, now you know it!>>

2.05.2013 PHOTO: Group Photo in Water

How many smiling faces do you see on the photo?>>

1.05.2013 PHOTO: Really big fake boobs

Ever seen such big fake boobs in real life?>>

30.04.2013 PHOTO: Male Or Female?

She could at least shave her legs ...>>

29.04.2013 PHOTO: Very Angry Wife!

She found out where her husband's mistress lives!>>

28.04.2013 PHOTO: This Is Not A Woman

"She" is Andrej Pejic a bosnian model!>>

27.04.2013 PHOTO: Why Do People Things Like That?

The newest trend: remove the skin from the face!>>

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