Adult Humor - 11


21.01.2013 PHOTO: Girl With A Snake Tounge

Imagine, what she can do with her snake tounge!>>

20.01.2013 PHOTO: Meet My New Girlfriend

Hello mom, this is my new girlfriend!>>

19.01.2013 FOTO: Make Your Own Mini Skirt!

Make your own mini skirt in one minute!>>

18.01.2013 PHOTO: Who's Baby Is This?

Who's Baby Is This? It's obvious: From Chuck Norris!>>

17.01.2013 PHOTO: It's Puberty!

He can't do nothing against it, it's puberty!>>

16.01.2013 PHOTO: It's Not What You Think!

Oh you perverts, it's just her foot!>>

15.01.2013 PHOTO: A Really Hot Cop!

You must see this amazing hot female cop!>>

14.01.2013 PHOTO: Is This Realy Her Body?

Is this her body or just a photoshop illusion?>>

13.01.2013 PHOTO: Bad Tattoo

You should think twice before getting a such tattoo ...>>

12.01.2013 PHOTO: And How Long Is Your Skirt?

What you dress tells who you are ...>>

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ballen4201  5. Aug 2013 I've always wanted to try choking during intercourse, but am scared I'd hurt her.
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