The Concept of Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a same sex-role orientation. It has hardly been 30 years since homosexuality is no longer classified as a mental or behavioural disorder. It is now considered a completely normal variety of sexual behaviour. Homosexual couples fall in love, love each other and live together just like heterosexual couples. The sex life of homosexuals is exciting too, as shown in the video.

Left-handed people are homosexually orientated

17.01.2013 | By: T. B.

Is the left hand really a sign of homosexual orientation of an individual?



left-handed homosexual

Lesbians are 91 per cent more likely to be left-handed, or they are able to write with both hands, than heterosexually oriented women. (PhotoXpress)


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Homosexual people are more likely to be left-handed writers

According to all the (im)possible theories about the cause of homosexual orientation, we found another interesting information.

Kenneth Zucker, Martin L. Lalumière and Ray Blanchard, researchers at the University of Toronto, concluded that there is a connection between sexual orientation and the hand with which you write. Homosexually orientated people more often write with the left hand than heterosexuals.

They analysed the data collected in twelve studies that lasted 50 years, and found that lesbians are 91 per cent more likely to write with the left hand than heterosexually oriented women, while chances in homosexually oriented men  are about 34 per cent.

Left-handed writer have other characteristics as well

Researchers believe that their findings confirm assumptions that sexual orientation has its roots in early development – similar to writing with the left hand. The roots probably extend in the time before the birth. Left-handed writers also have a number of other characteristics. Among others, they are more likely to have miscarriage, have fewer chances of conception, less body weight at birth, autism, schizophrenia, etc.

This study offers empirical proofs that there is a connection, but it does not provide any answers  about its cause. However, it offers the possibility of a common factor which affects sexual orientation both in men and women. Most studies show that sexual orientation in men and women is affected by different factors.

Reasons for frequent left-handed writers among homosexuals are unknown

The study is interesting, but there is still the fact that most left-handed writers are not homosexually oriented and most homosexually oriented people are not left-handed writers. The main roots that would lead to the essential reasons for homosexual orientation are therefore not the same as those leading to reasons for writing with the left hand.

Several other studies also dealt with the connection between sexual orientation and the hand with which you write. Their aim was, above all, to prove that sexual orientation is not dependent on the early biological development of a human being.


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