Signs of Infidelity

7 Signs She Is Cheating on You

23.02.2012 | By: I. M.

A woman who cheats is very crafty at her handy work. Do you have what it takes to figure her out? Recognize the signs!



a cheating woman

The signs that point to an affair can be very obvious. (PhotoXpress)


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1st sign of a cheating woman: Each week a new set of lingerie

Buying new lingerie frequently doesn’t necessarily imply anything peculiar, especially if your lady friend has been a lingerie aficionado since the day she could walk. However, pay attention if a sort of lingerie mania crops up out of nowhere, especially if you don’t get to see the new hot pants & co. Most women who are engaged in long-term relationships rarely don a pair of lacy underwear since they tend to feel more comfortable in granny-style knickers. Such underwear has its certain charm, but it just can’t compare with a black thong, a lacy push-up bra, elegant stockings or transparent undergarments.

2nd sign of a cheating woman: Always cool and smiling

It is a fact that during certain days of the month the average woman is a nuclear explosion waiting to happen. You do remember that time of the month when she could tear you apart for no apparent reason, don’t you? When a woman finds a naughty hobby and her mind is preoccupied with enjoying her “forbidden fruit”, the aforementioned trait of her personality vanishes miraculously for weeks or even months at a time. All of a sudden she turns into this cool cat that can’t be moved by anything. She becomes a rock that endures any kind of stress with an untarnished smile on her face, all calm and relaxed.

3rd sing of a cheating woman: All of a sudden your burping isn’t an issue anymore

Remember how she constantly nagged about your "horrible winds" or about the fact that you have left the dirty dishes in the sink for her again? Or how about your favorite sweater that she barked about and threatened to trash it the first chance she would get? Did she use to go ballistic if there were a couple of drops left in the kitchen sink after you had poured yourself a glass of water? Or was she furious if there were blots of toothpaste on the bathroom mirror after you had brushed your teeth? And now, all of a sudden, the storm subsided and she appears not to even bother to notice your less-than-perfect ways? Either: 1) She got fed up with repeating herself so now she just takes care of whatever needs doing instead of losing her mind over it or 2) well, let’s just hope that it is number 1.

4th sign of a cheating woman: Her sexual desire appears to decrease with you around 

Well, you know what people say: If they have enough of Sears, they head to Wal-Mart. Ok, we made this one up, but you have surely caught the drift. So, if a woman is actually cheating, her partner might experience a decrease in her sexual drive while he is around. A cheating woman will not care much anymore about the sexual life she shares with you and she will probably be less likely to initiate intercourse. She will become a master at keeping her partner blue-balled.

5th sign of a cheating woman: Her level of showing affection towards you might go up, a lot

While cheating men are often much more courteous towards their lovers, cheating women don’t mind smothering the men they had been cheating on with a lot of affection. They tend to show their love for them a whole lot more than they did before. They aren’t afraid to double, even triple the amount of daily hugs, and kisses, and sweet words which they begin to turn out like their lives depend on it. Why? It makes perfect sense; they are trying as hard as they can to conceal the fact that there is someone else too. In order for the cheatee to keep on thinking that everything is fine, they use their cunning ways, like the true vixens that they (sometimes) are.

6th sign a cheating woman: Catching her red-handed

We have to point out that we do not want to encourage you to spy on her or invade her privacy (check her cell phone, rummage around in her purse or her jacket pockets) and to subject her to a full-blown questioning later on. What you need to do is to proceed diplomatically. Explain to her that her behavior had changed and be sure to point out how. If you do have some firm evidence, do count to 100 first in order to get a firm grip on yourself. Situations, where being overpowered by uncontrollable rage is very likely, have to be handled delicately. Actually it’s better to freeze and say nothing at all. You best just show her the piece of evidence you had gotten your hands on and ask her calmly if she can offer any explanation. Keep your cool and take your time to think about which of the following choices you should go for: A) Forgive and forget or B) Turn your back and leave.

7th sign of a cheating woman: Being set up gives her the shock of a lifetime

We have all seen it in movies, but the real thing is quite a bit more poignant from the scripted version. We are talking about setting her up, of course! How? Just arrange for her lover to meet you at the same time without her knowing about it. If you know the person she is having an affair with, confront her with him in tow or even invite them both to a meeting. This sounds cunning, and we can assure you that it works as well. The look on her face will be absolutely priceless.


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