How to Kiss

Learn Unforgettable Kissing Techniques!

22.08.2010 | By: T. F.

Would you want to have your love measured by kisses that take your breath away and not by the amount of them? Yes? Well then, learn some kissing techniques...


There are quite a few excellent kissing techniques. (Photoxpress)

There are quite a few excellent kissing techniques. (Photoxpress)


A kiss is never just a kiss and is much more than just touching. It is a language of its own. Everyone wants to speak it because it is at the core of romance, from which passion and desire stem.

A kiss can be friendly, sympathetic, sad, polite, passionate... And it always makes us feel peaceful, accepted and loved.

Some techniques for excellent kissing

We all have preferences when it comes to kissing, so it is good to let your partner know what you want. Generally, there are quite a few excellent kissing techniques. Here are some useful tips:

- when you touch your partner’s skin with your lips, s/he must feel the inner edge of the lips, not only the outer;

- the tongue should at first only be implemented occasionally, then longer with every new kiss;

- there is also pleasure in kissing, nibbling and rubbing your noses together and it is important to do it slowly and with feeling;

- imagine that you have just washed your teeth and move your tongue on your teeth and gums, so do the same when you kiss with the bottom side of the tongue in his mouth;

- a good tip is also romantic kissing because the partner is turned on by slow and thoughtful movements.

What about the types of kisses?

French kiss

This is the most famous and widely spread kiss with the tongue that is known in many cultures. It was not named by the French, as you might assume from the name, but by the British and Americans. It is important to suck the partner’s tongue during a French kiss (but not too hard) and circle with it.

Eskimo kiss

In some cultures, this kiss has an advantage over other types. It is about getting to know one another, the two lovers rub their cheeks and noses together and take in each other’s scents.

Butterfly kiss

This is very popular with parents and children. It can be also used for our partner in such a way that we quickly bat our eyelashes across the part of the body that was kissed.

Decent kiss

This is a kind of variety of the Eskimo kiss, which everyone has probably experienced and is used very often. We use it to greet people we know, friends...

Ownership kiss

We have probably experienced that a partner unexpectedly planted a kiss on you in public and showed you are only his/hers.

Kissing the hand

Men usually do this seductive move to get our attention, which happens if the man is the right one or not.

Kissing by sucking the lips

I am sure we all remember the unpleasantly swollen lips after this kind of kissing. Therefore, it is very important that we do not suck the partner’s lower lip too hard, but we enjoy the gentle touching of soft lips.


This is a way of marking your partner, where we cause a red and brown stain on the neck by sucking. Many do not like them, so do not do it without the partner’s approval.

Gentle kisses

These require special attention because they unexpectedly remind us that we are loved. There is nothing more romantic than the surprise of a short kiss which happens when we least expect it. A gentle kiss should be exchanged at the end of intercourse as well. It can last for only a moment, but it says a lot because it is an expression of love.

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