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Find the Grafenberg Spot!

26.02.2013 | By: T. F.

Venture into the unknown and find the Grafenberg spot on your quest for female orgasms. It's not that difficult!



Grafenberg spot

The Grafenberg spot can be found behind the vaginal bone. (PhotoXpress)


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The masters of lovemaking – Thai women – use the infamous erogenous zone to arouse their partners while reaching unforgettable orgasm themselves. The Grafenberg spot is located in the vagina, of course, just behind the vaginal bone. It looks like a slightly protruded button which is very easy to find already after the first signs of arousal. It becomes even more sensitive after orgasm, when it sends out weak electric waves.

How to handle the Grafenberg spot?

Place your finger on the Grafenberg spot and press it. You can determine the result and adjust the rhythm and pressure, then stop or continue with the stimulation in order to increase the level of arousal. With frequent caressing, the Grafenberg spot as well as the clitoris can soften or harden.

The technique itself is very demanding but don't let this prevent you from providing your partner and yourself great pleasure. At least give it a try.


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