Breast Reduction

Large Breasts Can Cause Many Problems!

23.01.2012 | By: I. M.

Many women want to have large breasts, but they aren’t aware that large breasts also have their weaknesses.



large breasts

Although many women dream of having large breasts, such breasts also have weaknesses. (PhotoXpress)


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Large breasts are too large for the palm

Although most men find large breasts very attractive and instantly arousing, large breasts are rather impractical when it comes to playing with them during intercourse. While a man can nicely hold small and middle-sized breasts in his palm and massage and squeeze them, this causes a minor problem with large breasts because his palm isn’t big enough.

Large breasts present an obstacle during intercourse

If the breasts are too large, they present an obstacle to sexual intercourse. Many positions may be difficult to perform because of their size. For instance, in the missionary position, a man is unable to press his body against his partner’s body because of her large breasts. Problems also arise if a woman wants to thrust his partner’s head between her breasts in the heat of passion because he’ll have difficulties in breathing.

Women with large breasts suffer from back pain

Many women with large breasts feel back pain. Namely, all the weight of the front part of their body heavily burdens the backbone, which may sometimes succumb to the pressure and result in a bent poise. A bent poise is caused by physical strain as well as the feelings of unpleasantness because of breast size. This forces some women to hide their breasts by pushing their shoulders forwards and their breasts backwards.

Large breasts aren't practical for sport

In addition to a more demanding workout that can only increase back pain, large breasts present an obstacle to sports activities requiring a lot of motion, such as running. The motion of the breasts during a workout can be very attractive to many men, but it can present a great obstacle for a woman. Not only does she feel back pain, the motion itself is also slightly painful.

Buying a bra is a real nightmare

Women with large breasts have problems when buying the right bra because there’s a limited number of sizes available in shops. For that reason, their choice of bras is limited only to specific shops offering a wide range of sizes. Apart from a large size, the price of the purchase is usually expected to be higher as well.

Large breasts start to sag more quickly

As the breast basically consists of mammary glands and fat tissue, this soft tissue is very likely to move downwards in such large breasts. Therefore, tjis will make the breasts slightly sagging, which becomes ever more noticeable with age. It can be improved by the so-called push up bras enabling strong support to the breasts, or you can prevent sagging by exercising appropriately. But in many cases, such a shape of the breasts, which is natural, starts affecting a woman’s self-image and self-confidence.

Dermatological problems

In addition to all the aforementioned weaknesses of large breasts, you can also have dermatological problems, such as rash and skin infection. Excess sweat often causes the symptoms under the breast itself because a moist and irritated skin provides ideal conditions for redness and other problems.

Breast reduction

In extreme cases, women who confront the obstacles related to large breasts resort to breast reduction surgery. The procedure includes removal of tissue and the skin and reshaping of the breasts and nipples. Although this procedure is said to reduce the burden of self-image, feeling better, greater activity and self-confidence, 1 per cent of women suffer from side effects that are far from pleasant and aesthetic.


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