device against masturbation 1

The device against masturbation


A simple way to prevent a teenager from wanking... Make him wear this!


How many men are capable of autofellatio?


Although it seems impossible, it is possible. Some men can practice oral sex with themselves.

sexy schoolgirls

GALLERY: 11 Sexy Schoolgirls


These sexy schoolgirls look very hot in their uniforms. Check them out, you won't regret it!

dirty underwear

Dirty underwear for sale


Believe it or not, the market is flooded with the demand (and supply) of dirty underwear.

virging belt for men 1

FINALLY: Virgin Belt - for Men!


Is your partner too lively and you just want to lock him up sometimes? Help him to stay faithful -...

sexy movie posters 1

Sexy Movie Posters of the Past


In modern society sex is available on every corner, but even in the past it was not completely...


face and sexuality

15.02.2013 What Does Your Face Say about Your Sexuality?

Are you up for a serious relationship or are you a cheater? What's your sexual nature? Your facial features tell it all!>>

most orgasms

7.02.2013 Which Nations Experience the Most Orgasms?

Read about the nations that reach the most of orgasms and and the ones who have serious problems with achieving orgasms...>>

eating testicles of animals

31.01.2013 How Would You Like the Testicles of Animals Served on a Plate?

Serbian chef Ljubomir Erovič is a master at preparing the testicles of animals. Bon appetit. (Vegetarians, look away.)>>

facts about men

24.01.2013 Interesting Facts about Men

Learn some racy facts about men! For example, how many times in his life does a man ejaculate, on average?>>

left-handed homosexual

17.01.2013 Left-handed people are homosexually orientated

Is the left hand really a sign of homosexual orientation of an individual?>>

coffe reduces breasts

10.01.2013 Coffee Reduces the Size of Breasts!

New Swedish research will blow you mind! Drinking coffee supposedly has one negative and one positive effect... >>

longest clitoris

2.01.2013 The Longest Clitoris

The clitoris can grow to surprising sizes. So, how long is the longest clitoris in the world? >>

women watching porn

27.12.2012 Women Watching Porn

Yes, guys, women do watch porn, although it is generally considered that they don't.>>

vibrator for clitoris

20.12.2012 A New Toy for Her Clitoris

Treat your / her clitoris to the best only! She will be forever grateful to you!>>

facts about breasts

14.12.2012 10 Interesting Facts about Breasts

Read this interesting facts about breasts that you surely haven't heard yet! >>

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