Don't Try This At Home: Penis Self-Mutilation

14.05.2010 | By: S. G.

Penis self-mutilation often happens with the best of intentions. Here are examples of what never to try yourself.



These cases of unintentional penis self-mutilation will make shivers run down your spine.

These cases of unintentional penis self-mutilation will make shivers run down your spine.



Penis self-mutilation: From bad...

The newspapers report that the nut got stuck on his penis during an erection, when the young man wanted to use it to increase the size of his penis. Of course, it did not work and a rescue team had to come to his assistance. They tried to remove the nut manually, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. The young welder had to go to hospital, where they had to pump quite a bit of blood from his penis. They also removed some foreskin to remove the intrusive object.


The young man’s intentions of making his organ longer went down the drain when he walked out of the hospital embarrassed.


Penis self-mutilation: ... to worse

But this is not an isolated incident of guys trying to do something on their own to make their cocks bigger. Another young man from Malaysia tried to make his dick longer by putting an iron ring around his organ.  Because doctors were unable to remove the intrusive objects, he forced the firemen to do it. They sawed the iron object from his body.


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