Interesting Masturbation Ways

25.03.2011 | By: Z. J.

When people don’t have an apple pie handy to stick their “tool” into it, they grab something else that does the trick. Take a look at a few interesting ways of masturbating.



ways of masturbating

Men occasionally masturbate with a banana too! (PhotoXpress)


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Ways of masturbating: Bananas

This time, bananas won't be seen as a potential dildo but rather as an artificial vagina. You cut off the top, put some strong duck tape around it, you hollow the banana out, make a hole on the other side, and voila! Some recommend the use of a lubricant, while others claim that a banana is slippery enough by itself. You can also pour some warm water into it to add to the pleasure. An individual I know said that this particular way of masturbating even made his partner happy, since his penis actually smelt and tasted like a banana.

Ways of masturbating: Daily bread

Some people kiss a piece of bread before they eat it, and others think about interesting ways how to masturbate with it, preferably by pleasuring themselves with a “bread vagina”. One of the more interesting ways of masturbating with bread is to hollow out a baguette and fill it with lube. There’s a guy who regularly masturbates with bread by filling it with a bit of ketchup and imagining that he's deflowering it. We also heard of someone who used dough to explore new ways of masturbating. He began his exploration by taking his schlong out of the dough just before coming, but “evolved” his way of masturbating, going all the way and filling the dough up with his man-juice. Then he made bread out of that dough and served it to his female friends.

Ways of masturbating: Masturbating with a tampon

Resourceful women who can’t afford real sex toys help themselves with tampons. There’s a girl who recommends using the biggest tampon there is and riding a pillow, and there’s a woman who's masturbating even more creatively, using two tampons. She puts one in her vagina and the other in her anus. Then she plays with her clit and takes out her “butt dildo” just before orgasming.

Ways of masturbating: Masturbating with mint

Some women pleasure themselves by using creams and lotions that contain menthol, such as muscle relaxing creams, breathing lotions, moisturising creams, tooth paste or a tiger balm. They apply the lotion of their choice on their nipples or on their clitoris. You can also take a warm bath and enjoy some menthol lotion. But be careful, too much mint can irritate the vaginal mucosa. Men, too, like to try out different ways of masturbating with menthol creams or a soothing menthol lotion.

Ways of masturbating: Masturbating with arm floats?

Do you know these things with which they teach kids to swim? Arm floats, yes. Apparently, they also make a pretty good artificial vagina! Some guys complain because these things are sold only during the summer …


You can find more about Homemade Sex Toys in the Encyclopedia of Sexuality.



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