Sexy Girls Selling Coffins!

15.11.2010 | By: J.B.

PHOTOS: Manufacturers of coffins have a limitless imagination.

Naked girls pose with coffins

A Polish company which makes coffins has come up with a campaign to boost their sales. They made a calendar with photos of sexy naked girls posing in front of coffins, based on the scenes of James Bond movies, Reservoir Dogs and The Godfather. "We wanted to make it Hollywood like but a bit darker," said the company Linder about the calendar.

Calendar caused an outrage at the Church 

Models from Great Britain, Germany and Poland appear in the calendar. A calendar with naked girls and coffins caused an outrage at the Church. "This is simply shocking and most of all, it is tasteless. There is nothing sexual in death and that's why all the images in the calendar are offensive and disturbing," said one Polish priest.

It was the Italians who came up with the idea

"The idea for a calendar is mine although I must admit it is based on the Italian model. A company in Italy also uses sexy girls to sell coffins, so I though that our Polish girls are much prettier and we also have better coffins,'' a general manager of the company said. He has also emphasized that the responses are mostly positive and they also expect to sell much more issues of the calendar. The company issued a similar calendar last year which sold 3 thousand copies. 

Even though the Polish have intentionally followed the Italian example, the Italians have made a step forward and now they also sell coffins in the color of various football clubs.

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