Advantages and Disadvantages of Small and Big Penises

19.04.2009 | By: T. G.

Even big penises have disadvantages and small ones have their advantages. What are they? Don’t miss this!


A woman’s world won’t tumble down if your sexual organ isn’t suitable to her needs. Even if she doesn’t like it, she won’t tell you this straight. She might even replace you. (jlp)

It’s an appropriate question if women even think about the male sexual organ. This also depends upon what kind of a relationship they have.


Small penis



-    It always rubs up against the G-spot.

-    If it’s lying next to your vagina, its tip is stimulating your clitoris.

-    You can rub it through jeans without anyone noticing.

-    You can put Opens internal link in current windowall of it in your mouth without suffocating.

-    It’s easier to jerk off – you can do it with one hand.

-    You feel powerful if you hold it with one hand when it’s erected.

-    The feeling is unique during anal intercourse.


-    Opens internal link in current windowSometimes it doesn’t fill you.

-    It doesn’t put pressure on the cervix.

-    You sometimes don’t feel it when it’s inside you.

-    You sometimes can’t see it through jeans, even though it’s hard


-    It is sometimes frustrating if you use only your fingers during manual stimulation.

-    It’s usually hard to have intercourse standing up.

It’s an appropriate question if women even think about the male sexual organ. This also depends upon what kind of a relationship they have. (jlp)

If it’s small, a woman can put an entire penis in her mouth without suffocating.

A big penis


-    It fills you

-    It puts pressure on the cervix and stimulates the uterus.

-    It’s twitching on the labia during penetration and thus directly stimulates the clitoris.

-    It looks wonderful when it’s hard in jeans.

-    It gives you deep orgasms.

-    You feel like a little girl when you hold it.

-    It can reach any position, any angle and any depth.

-    It frightens and arouses you.


-    It can hurt and obstruct you

-    Constant Opens internal link in current windowpressure on the cervix can hurt and is painful.

-    It can rub up against the labia too strongly and can cause small wounds.

-    It’s hard to hide an erection underneath clothes.

-    It misses the G-spot.

-    You have to work much harder to stimulate it with your hands and you can’t put all of it in your mouth.

-    Not every position is comfortable.

-    Forget about anal intercourse: there’s no chance you’ll be able to get it in there.

A big penis has a special place in the world of female fantasies. But it can soon happen that there’s not enough space for it in the vagina and this is painful. (jlp)

A penis that’s too big can cause women pain during penetration, which is anything but pleasant.

That’s it then. One more lesson about penis sizes – this time for women who fantasize about local, intimate anacondas and for those who carry magnifying glasses in their purses, besides the usual cosmetic products. Don’t worry. Every penis has Opens internal link in current windowits own personality, regardless of how it looks when it’s erected.




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