The Best Artificial Vagina in the World!

6.07.2012 | By: T. P.

We have waited and lived to see – an artificial vagina that offers you the first virtual sexual encounter with a woman of your choice.



artificial vagina 1The world’s best engineers participated in the development of the vagina of all vaginas.
artificial vagina 2You can just leave it in the middle of the living room.
artificial vagina 1
artificial vagina 2


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RealTouch - an artificial vagina

RealTouch is an artificial vagina, but this isn’t just another regular artificial vagina that you see in erotic shops. It is the latest product of an ex NASA engineer who combined his knowledge and modern technology and thus created the world’s first “real” vagina. And what makes this product so different from others?

RealTouch is a package where you receive a beautifully and elegantly designed device that looks like a space machine. In addition, you also receive an USB key to connect the device to your PC. Via the Internet connection, you establish a link to the producer’s website, where you have porn films of famous porn stars. You place the device on your penis and play a film. The vagina will imitate the thrills that the penis experiences in the film through a special system of data transfer. Thus, you actually have sexual intercourse with porn stars. The device has two in-built ribbons that rub your penis from both sides, a heater that imitates the warmth of a woman’s vagina, a lubrication device and a special closing mechanism at the entrance that feels as the vaginal muscle, which can squeeze the penis as a real vagina. It costs 149.95 dollars and you also receive the film of Sasha Grey. There are also the films (vaginas) of Bree Olson, Jenna Haze, Amy Fisher, Gianna Michaels, Jade Fire, etc. available, as well as male homosexual porn stars, such as Dawson, Jarod Steel, Erik Rhodes, etc.

Women aren’t needed any more

The device is so good that it made the conservatives in the USA very anxious. They are afraid that it will completely replace the closeness between the sexes and the real sexual intercourse, so their actions are aimed against sale and distribution. They have even conducted an interview with an autonomous Japanese tester of this device. In the interview, a slightly older gentleman explains how sexual intercourse with the device is in a way better than that with his wife, that the device is always there for him and that it has no effect on the relationship with his wife or his work. He just likes to have sexual intercourse with the machine because his wife doesn’t have oral intercourse with him, so he isn’t very pleased. But the reporter obviously insists on finding something negative to gather negative data for conservative friends.


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