The biggest breasts in the world

9.09.2011 | By: Antonio B

How much do the breasts of the woman with the largest knockers weigh? Which woman has the largest natural breasts?



Maxi Mounds, biggest breasts in the worldMaxi Mounds, the owner of the largest fake breasts in the world.
Lolo Ferrari, biggest breasts in the worldDeceased porn star Lolo Ferrari was the absolute record holder in breast size up until she died.
Donna Jones, biggest breasts in the worldBritish woman Donna Jones has the biggest natural breasts in the world.
Sheyla Hershey, biggest breasts in the worldYoung woman Sheyla Hershey is on the right track to beating Maxi Mounds because she’s getting ready for her ninth breast enlargement.
Rachel Aldana, biggest breasts in the worldRachel Aldana had to admit defeat and give the title of biggest natural breasts to Donna Jones.
Maxi Mounds, biggest breasts in the world
Lolo Ferrari, biggest breasts in the world
Donna Jones, biggest breasts in the world
Sheyla Hershey, biggest breasts in the world
Rachel Aldana, biggest breasts in the world


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The battle for the largest breasts was hard

The battle for the title of the woman with the Opens internal link in current windowlargest breasts has always been sharp and interesting, particularly after the death of the cult Lolo Ferrari, who also boasted with the biggest breasts on the planet. Now, the main attraction is Maxi Mounds, a stripper, erotic model and porn actress, who has tried for several years to get the Guinness Book of Records to give her this flattering title. She entered the competition already in 2003, but at that time this category didn’t officially exist yet. Because she was disappointed, she had her already giant breasts enlarged, as she was determined to become the absolute winner.

Breasts weigh 44 pounds (20 kilograms)

The technique used to enlarge her breasts is forbidden in England and America because it’s a very dangerous procedure. The special implants stimulate the real breasts, which means that the surface increases from year to year and the breasts are basically in a constant state of growth. Her breasts weigh 44 pounds (20 kilograms) at the moment. A team from the Guinness Book of Records gave her the flattering title after measuring that her breasts are 5 feet (153 centimetres) in size. Even if this special technique of breast implants could mean some serious medical issues, Maxi isn’t too worried. The fame of her giant friends pleases her and she admits that she finds it entertaining when men constantly stare right in her breasts and their partners slap them because of it. 

New competition for largest breasts

But still, the fame of Maxi Mounds could end very soon because a new young girl named Sheyla Hershey has come on the scene and she’s had her breasts done eight times. The Brazilian version of the book of world records has already named her as the owner of the largest breasts in the world, but the result isn’t official yet. The 28 year-old Sheyla is naturally not too worried and is already getting ready for her ninth procedure, which might really get her in front of Maxi Mounds and make her the new record holder. She enjoys her breasts immensely and explains that this is a dream come true and that she finally has big breasts like Dolly Parton. Because Sheyla has a thousand cubic centimetres of silicon in her breasts, her plastic surgeon rejected a ninth operation. The girl is therefore looking for a new doctor who’ll disregard the rules and make her breasts even bigger, so she’ll really be able to beat Maxi Mounds, who still believes her breasts are much bigger than Sheyla’s.

The largest natural breasts belong to British woman Donna Jones

35 year-old English woman Donna Jones is also interesting. She has the biggest natural breasts in the world and they’re probably even bigger than the ones on her silicon rivals. But Donna doesn’t enjoy them, she’s suffering from back pains. She  also can’t buy a bra anywhere and her breasts weigh as much as two small children. Donna said she’d cut them off with scissors if she had the courage because they cause her nothing but grief. She doesn’t like them because she’s aware they’ve brought her nothing good. Still, the English public worships her like royalty. She took the title of having the biggest breasts from previous record holder Rachel Aldana. Because Donna is very short, she couldn’t breastfeed her son, as she was afraid she might literally suffocate him with her breasts. Her husband is also complaining. He says they’re too big and they get in the way during intercourse. "My breasts are forever coming between us. It’s like there are three of us in our relationship." Donna said with sadness in an interview. She added that the breasts also bother her during her sleep because she doesn’t know how to get comfortable. When she wakes, she’s full of bruises and abrasions because the breasts don’t have enough room on the bed.


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