The Longest Clitoris

2.01.2013 | By: T. P.

The clitoris can grow to surprising sizes. So, how long is the longest clitoris in the world?



longest clitoris

Clitorises longer than an inch are rare with Caucasian women. (PhotoXpress)


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Some societies across the world have spent more attention on the clitoris than others. On the Easter Islands they even tried to make it artificially longer. In most countries, a negative stance towards sexuality is to blame for the lack of knowledge on clitoris sizes.

Theo Lang describes in his book "The Difference Between a Man and a Woman" some women, whose clitoris is  2 to 3 inches long when erected. Clitorises longer than an inch are rare with white women, they are more frequent with black women, but the author of the article doubts even that. There was never any unifying analysis made as to the size of the clitoris according to race. There have also been many statements made about even longer clitorises, from 3 to 7 inches even, but this data has never been confirmed.

Just like there is a tendency to exaggerate the size of men’s penises, there is also a tendency to do the same here, just to be trendier. All the owners of large clitorises use the button (or the stick?) craftily for their own pleasure instead of boasting with it. The same could not be said for men and their rods.


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