The Longest Penis in the World

11.11.2011 | By: Antonio B

Who has the longest penis in the world? When a penis reaches 12 or even 16 inches ... Get to know Long Dong Silver!



longest penis

The longest penis in the world of almost a foot and a half had his film debut in Sex Freaks in 1979.


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How large is an average Penis?

As you know, the average size of an erect penis is somewhere between five and a half and six and a half inches, which means that eight inches is a lot and not all too common. Well, maybe with black men it is, as they are known by their giant penes, but according to porno films, they are never fully erect. The reason might be that the cock would need too much blood to be pumped into it, so the owner would pass out, which could be dangerous.

Who has the longest penis?

Especially when the penis reaches a size of 12 or, attention, even 16 inches. Let there be no misunderstanding, we are not talking about donkeys or horses, but a man named Daniel Arthur Mead, also known as Long Dong Silver, whose penis was actually 18 inches long, the owner of the supposedly longest penis.

Who is Long Dong Silver?

The young man, who was born in 1960, used his size to great advantage in the porno industry and left even the legendary John Holmes far behind him because his penis measured only a modest 12 inches. The giant of almost a foot and a half had his film debut is Sex Freaks in 1979. The title seemed very appropriate. His size is not normal, so we could say that it is a big anomaly. It is a cruel joke and the man does not actually enjoy it, but is in fact in pain. No woman can give him any real pleasure because his penis is much too large and useless. Well, except for cracking walnuts, drying your laundry or frightening a thief in the middle of the night.

Anyway, Long Dong Silver still has the longest penis of all times, if you belive what you see on the screen. For all the skeptics we recommend to do a little web search. The fraud with Long Dong Silver and the longest penis in the world is one of the best ones in history.


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