Top 10 Male Records of Sex

2.10.2009 | By: JP

Who’s got the longest penis? Who ejaculates the farthest? Who has made the most women quiver with delight? You’re very welcome to find out more!



male records of sex

Hmm, can you imagine what a mighty record of sex he could (have) set? (jlp)


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We have done a bit of researching and have come across some very interesting records of sex as set by men. Well, some of them may even be figments of somebody’s imagination since they have never been verified officially, but this surely doesn’t turn them into a less interesting read. Nobody will hold it against if you should consider the following article as sensationalistic, but we’re quite sure that you won't hesitate to read it anyway. Furthermore, what if everything is true?

Male Records of Sex Nr. 1: The Most Sexual Partners in a Single Day

The late American pornographic Actor Jon Dough (1962-2006) planned to have sex with 101 women in a single day. Unfortunately, his magnificent attempt was thwarted by exhaustion and he only made it to number 52. The outcome of this “gangbang” could have turned out differently if Viagra would have already been around.

Male Records of Sex Nr. 2: The Fastest Erection Ever

As noted by Alfred Kinsey in his stunning work entitled Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, some men are supposed to be able to get an erection within the time frame of 3 seconds. Should this be regarded as a curse or as a blessing? You decide!

Male Records of Sex Nr. 3: The Fastest Male Orgasm to Date

Again as implied by Alfred Kinsey, 6 percent of all the man on this planet are supposed to be able to reach an orgasm in less then 10 seconds, while 25 percent of all male human beings are supposed to be capable of “crossing the finish line” in less then a minute.

male Records of Sex Nr. 4: The Most Abundant Ejaculate Ever Accounted for

The Journal of Fertility and Sterility conducted a study in which they included 1300 male test subjects who had abstained from any kinds of sexual activities for a particular period of time, after which they had to empty their “sacks”. While the average quantity of ejaculate amounted to 1.0146 ounces, the winner rid himself of an unbelievable 3.7207 ounces.

Male Records of Sex Nr. 5: The Fastest Ejaculation Speed of Any Man

While the average speed of a man’s ejaculation is 28 mph, there is supposed to be an individual who’s able to shoot out his “man juice” with a muzzle velocity of 49.71 mph. Let’s just hope that his wife wears protective glasses during fellatio.

records of sex, man

The longest penis of them all is a killer whale penis. For more information about the longest human penis, please read under “Records of Sex Nr. 10”. (jlp)

Male Records of Sex Nr. 6: The Farthest Ejaculation Taking Flight

Have you ever wondered about the capabilities of your hydraulic pump if you may have one? The world record for the greatest distance attained by a “jet of semen” belongs to a man named Horst Schultz, who was able to make his seminal fluid fly over a distance of 18 ft and 9 in.

Male Records of Sex Nr. 7: The Most Orgasms per Hour

Although men can’t usually be compared to women in this particular department, there still is an honorable German who was able to reach an orgasm 16 times within an hour, plus cum! Would anyone of you like to beat his feat?

Male Records of Sex Nr. 8: The Longest Erection Ever Maintained

The current world sex record in this category should be somewhere around thirty years! We have to point out as well that this particular feat isn't stemming from an untreated case of priapism (a potentially harmful and painful medical condition, where the erection doesn’t cease within four hours after an ejaculation), but it still is a sex record with an itsy, bitsy flaw. Why? Because during the 1970s erectile dysfunctions had been treated by implants, which keep a penis permanently erect!


records of sex, men

Records of Sex as set by men include an ejaculation speed of 49.71 mph and a jet of semen flying 18 ft 9 in through the air.

Male Records of Sex Nr. 9: The Strongest Penis of Them All

The Taoist custom regarding sex and male sexuality includes exercises for strengthening the pelvic muscles, which enable one to control the lifting of one’s penis. An average man should be able to lift a towel with his “dong”, while the Taoist master from Hong Kong named Mo Ka Wang managed to lift a weight of over 250 lbs two feet of the floor. Now that’s one mighty wang!

Male Records of Sex Nr. 10: The Longest Penis, Human and Non-Human

Although a world sex record in this particular category hasn’t been officially verified as of yet, there still are some interesting reports on this particular matter. In 1935, a French Army surgeon and anthropologist by the name of Dr. Jacobus Sutor (his pseudonyms were Dr. Jacobus X, Louis Jacolliott) published a study entitled L'Ethnologie du Sens Genitale, where he recorded penises of up to 12 inches long. The internet and thus the world are full of monstrous cocks, and such was, and still is the belief of one Dr. David Reuben, the author of the book entitled Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex. In 1969, he supposedly measured a penis that was 14 inches long, but his claim was unfortunately never independently verified. Now, how about we take a stroll into the animal kingdom? According to National Geographic, elephants are the best endowed land animals, with the largest elephant penis ever measured standing at 6 ft 5 in, yet their “specimens” still pale in comparison to the ones of killer whales. The largest killer whale penis ever measured reached the length of 8 ft.

Well, that about wraps it up for the records of sex as set by men. Should you be interested in finding out about the records of sex as set by women as well, then we are very happy to inform you that the article of this particular kind will be up for reading in the next couple of days.


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