Women-Friendly Pornography

20.01.2012 | By: T. P.

Are you wondering what women-friendly pornography looks like? A type of pornography that appeals to fresh moms, women after 40 and married women?



women-friendly pornography 1Women can be seen as subjugated to men in most pornography. (PhotoXpress)
women-friendly pornography 2Women crave for gentleness - for being spoiled - and find it erotic! (PhotoXpress)
women-friendly pornography 1
women-friendly pornography 2


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What turns women on?

Men have been asking themselves this question for a long time, but we cannot find a real answer. A group of women with the name The Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative (CWPC) decided to help us and started making women-friendly pornography. They looked for inspiration mostly in everyday life and tried to find that erotic moment that women miss in a classic erotic production. On their website, they are offering a bunch of products made by their erotic imagination. Their experiences are based on real life and on talking to all kinds of women – rich, poor, short, fat, religious, married, mothers, etc.

Hard pornography

In the pictures we see neat, groomed, well-dressed, shaved men doing all the housework. They are vacuuming and at the same time asking their women if they can change the baby’s nappy. They are doing the dishes and comforting their wife and telling her to relax and soak in an already made bath. They are holding a large bunch of flowers and are giving her a weekend package at a wellness centre, with massages, saunas and aromatherapy. We see pictures of men washing, scrubbing, cooking, doing the laundry, ironing, fixing, folding underwear, lifting the toilet seat cover, playing with the child, changing nappies, getting up at 2 in the morning, feeding the baby while covered in mashed fruit ... And then comes women-friendly hard pornography. We see a man massaging his girl’s tired feet, combing her hair, giving her a full manicure, helping her dress and choose the right clothes, gladly and with pleasure wandering to the shops with her and helping her get every last item of clothing that is on sale. He serves her breakfast in bed, he comes home from a party with his friends one hour before he said he would, he is sober, has a bunch of flowers for her and brings home a big container with chocolate ice cream.


Dear readers, you have probably already realized that this is a nice case of irony and a great example of English humor. Being a man, it is hard for me to assess the erotic quality of the things that have been mentioned, therefore I will make a comparison. Pornography offers a man exactly what a man supposedly wants. If we put aside that the actors are naked and we look past the flesh, what do we see in pornography for men? We see a woman who is always ready to have intercourse, a woman with no physical defects and a woman who is always neat. This woman has no children, does no housework (even if she is a housewife, we never see a scene of her washing and tidying up). If she is at work, she does not work hard, but seduces. She is sensual and not a worker. A man wants intercourse and the woman must become the object to fulfil this desire. Why does pornography seem ever more repulsive to us, especially to women? Because pornography is not about being erotic. Pornography is largely a way to establish male dominance and men are turned on by their power, dominance and not the pure sexuality. Sexuality is merely a medium for a man to hide behind the visual bombardment which seduces our eyes. He enjoys the balance of power. That is what he wants to see and what he gets on a silver platter. Some gallant Englishwomen turned this upside down and put the man in the reverse position and took the role of the man themselves. They are just kidding around, but somewhere inside the joke there's a grain of truth.


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