World's Most Weird Vaginas

11.05.2012 | By: I. M.

In the whole world there aren't two vaginas that would be completely the same. Some of them are especially far from being usual.



weird vaginaLauren Williams was born with two vaginas.
weird vaginasAnna Swan (on the right) is supposed to be the owner of the largest vagina of all times.
weird vagina
weird vaginas


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A woman with two vaginas

Lauren Williams comes from England and presents a real medicinal phenomenon. Not long ago she decided to speak out publicly about her unusual characteristic and also appeared in the talk show of the model Tyra Banks. Lauren has always suspected that there is something wrong with her genitals since every intercourse was painful and since her menstrual period lasted for as many as 21 days a month. When she was 24 years old, she learned a shocking news at a gynaecological examination. It was found that the girl has two vaginas, two uteri and two cervixes. Doctors managed to remove the barrier between the two vaginas with a surgical procedure, so that Lauren now has only one vagina. This also helped her get rid of the pain during intercourse. She lives a normal life, but if she ever decides to have a baby, she will have to be exceptionally careful. In spite of the removal of the barrier she still has two uteri, which means that she could literally become pregnant again while already being pregnant. In order to prevent double pregnancy, she and the potential father of her future child will have to use condoms for the whole 9 months of pregnancy. She and her ex partner broke up and Lauren is single at present, but she isn't afraid of entering a new relationship, as the appearance of her vagina is completely normal from the outside.

The strongest vagina in the world

A 42-year-old Russian Tatiana Kozhevnikova is believed to be the woman with the strongest vagina in the world. She proved this by using her crotch to lift 14 kilograms (31 pounds) and thus earned her place in the Guinness book of records. She revealed the secret of the strength of her vagina to the media. After childbirth, her vaginal muscles became very loose and weak, which made her pay attention to the story of a woman who tightened her vaginal muscles with the help of wooden balls. She beheld a Murano glass ball near her and inserted it into her vagina - that's how the 'training' began. At present, she uses beads that are adjusted especially to her unusually strong vagina and she doesn't experience any problems pulling them out. (A Murano glass ball actually caused her quite a lot of trouble.) These aren't the usual version of Japanese beads that you can purchase in sex shops. Her beads have special hooks, onto which she can add weights during exercising and thus increasingly burden her vagina. Tatiana thinks that every woman should spend at least 5 minutes a day exercising her vagina, as thus she'll also become a better lover.

The largest vagina of all times

A Scotswoman Anna Swan, who was as many as 233 centimeters tall and who gave birth to the biggest infant of all times, is supposed to be the owner of the largest vagina. Her baby was 87 centimeters tall, it weighed 11.8 kilograms and the circumference of its head was 48 centimeters. The toddler was so big that the doctors had to help themselves with tongs and belts during delivery. Unfortunately, the baby didn't survive, but you can still see the sculpture of its body in the Health Museum of Cleveland.

The hairiest vulva

Maoni Vi from Capetown swears by the natural look of her genitals and, to be sure, the natural look of her entire body. Believe it or not, her pubic hairs are 71 cm long on average, and she can also boast about having the longest hairs under the armpit (the latter are 81 cm long). Naturally, she too can be found among Guinness world recorders.

The largest labia

Although the surgical reduction of the labia seems to be on the rise in the Western world, women in Ruanda successfully defy such trends by intentionally stretching their labia minora. Large labia are more than welcome there, since Ruandans believe that the latter promise more sexual pleasures and that they contribute to female ejaculation and easier achievement of orgasm. Girls are encouraged to stretch their labia from their puberty on and to continue with this practice after marrying and in their adult life.


You can find more advice on Appearance of Genitals in the Encyclopedia of Sexuality.



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