Erotic Movies

Horny Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS

Erotic Movie: Horny Ilsa


This time, we take you into the world of cruel, horny, perverted and morbid Ilsa. This is only for...

female vampires, Ingrid Pitt

Erotic Movies: Sexy Female Vampires


We sought out some very sexy female vampires from classic vampire movies which will make you want...




Thirteen is a quality movie every parent with a sexually maturing teenager who’s growing up should...


Erotic Movies: Teeth


Be careful, her vagina bites like a shark! Teeth is a movie that will make you afraid of the female...

Jamon Jamon, Penelope Cruz

Erotic Movies: Jamon Jamon


This time, we take you to Spain, where Penelope Cruz’s hot, perverted and lustful sex never stops.

Another Gay Movie 1

Erotic movies: "Another Gay Movie"


This time we present a very brave gay comedy, which explains that a real man should be penetrated...


Lake Consequence 1

30.03.2013 Erotic Movies: Lake Consequence

Zalman King, a self-appointed sex guru, produced Lake Consequence, a slightly boring but visually rich film, which is still sultry enough to watch.>>

Porn Movies for Women 1

23.03.2013 10 Best Porn Movies for Women

If you want to convince your loved one to watch a porn movie with you, then you should choose among the 10 best porn movies for women. >>

Kinsey 1

16.03.2013 Erotic Movie: Kinsey

Don’t miss the biography of a famous pioneering sexologist Alfred Kinsey, who was the first to inform us that we don’t go to hell if we masturbate.>>

Japanese Story movie 1

9.03.2013 Japanese Story

We invite you to a very intimate and steamy date, where a young Australian actress, Toni Collette, will passionately make love to a Japanese stud Gotaro Tsunashima. >>

Like Water for Chocolate notes 1

2.03.2013 Erotic Movies: Like Water for Chocolate

A charming and steamy romance that won't leave you cold!>>

Malena 1

23.02.2013 Erotic Movie: Malena

Don’t miss this movie about a beautiful woman the whole town masturbates to. >>

Carrington 1

16.02.2013 Erotic movies: Carrington

In a 1995 movie Carrington an established English actress Emma Thompson plays a role that would make even porn stars blush… >>

Lake Consequence 1

9.02.2013 Erotic Movie: Lake Consequence

Zalman King, the self-appointed sex guru, produced this slightly boring but visually rich story, still sultry enough to watch.>>

Killer Inside Me 1

2.02.2013 Erotic Movie: Killer Inside Me

Killer Inside Me is a brilliant mixture of film noir, psychological elements and sadomasochistic technique.>>

Otto or Up With Dead People 1

26.01.2013 Erotic Movies: Otto or Up With Dead People

If you're looking for something completely wacky, try a movie where a gay zombie called Otto joins the film crew of a porn movie.>>

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