Erotic movie: Anatomie de l'enfer

24.03.2012 | By: Antonio B

Few of you will truly enjoy this sexually very explicit drama, made by Catherine Breillat.



Anatomie de l'enfer 1The main hero conducts an interesting and strange experiment with a randomly chosen gay man.
Anatomie de l'enfer 2In time man becomes attached to her emotionally and shows his commitment by accepting her menstrual blood.
Anatomie de l'enfer 1
Anatomie de l'enfer 2


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Games involving menstrual blood

Forget about Before it Had a Name, a drama where Willem Dafoe and Giada Colagrande played around with menstrual blood, now it's presented in a much more direct, explicit and frankly more disgusting way, so much so that it will probably make you slightly uncomfortable during the movie. Famous pornstar Rocco Siffredi, who also starred in Breillat's Romance, puts a bloody tampon into a glass of water and drinks it. Of course, the main star Amira Casar also partakes in this action, she will also repell you with her hairy anus getting stimulated by Siffredi's lipstick. Let us not even begin to discuss the sequence where a good amount of blood squirts from her vagina. Truly a somewhat disgusting movie made by Opens internal link in current windowCatherine Breillat in order to show the viewer that the days of menstruation are equally suitable for sexual intercourse and that this is not something extraordinary. Better yet, what Breillat wanted to say is, that only a man willing to lick menstrual blood truly loves a woman.

A remake of Ultimo tango a Parigi

The story is actually a remake of Ultimo tango a Parigi, the difference being that here an experiment takes place, where the main hero picks a stranger from the street, offers him a hefty sum of money and demands that he watches her intimacy for four days. Just to see if she will appear normal to him. Because this stranger prevented her suicide attempt earlier, we can safely assume that she hired him for safety, so he could prevent her from trying again. She feels safe, because he is a homosexual. Even if she will undress and masturbate before him. You know what they say – women's best friends are usually gay. But things take a different turn when sparks start to fly between them, and so fiercly that they start having sex and also bond emotionally. A strange movie, empty, cold, provocative and sexually explicit. Without a point and with scenes which repell instead of attract.


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