Erotic Movie: Henry and June

8.09.2012 | By: Izabela M

You will surrender to intimate, erotic and very hot stories of female writer Anais Nin.



Henry and June 1The fatal meeting gives the female writer new inspiration.
Henry and June 2Anais also surrenders to fantasies about lesbian sex.
Henry and June 1
Henry and June 2


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Fatal acquaintance

In 1931, Cuban-French authoress Anais Nin meets American writer Henry Miller and his wife June in Paris. Anais (Maria de Medeiros) is most famous for her journals, into which she puts her erotic stories and events that have marked her life. That’s why she decides to expand her horizons by making a new acquaintance, who really charms her, during the time she’s already married to a banker named Hugo (Richard E. Grant). The movie is very erotically charged and we witness intimate stories of the heroine. If she only knew about erotica before, Henry (Fred Ward) now invites her into the world of ‘fucking’, from where Anais takes inspiration for her writing. But the young female writer is more charmed with his wife June (Uma Thurman) than with Henry himself.

Female erotica

The movie Henry and June was considered highly controversial when it came out because of its contents. They decided to introduce a whole new level of movie censorship due to this movie. The events in the movie are presented mostly from a female standpoint concerning erotica and they show how women experience erotica and sex. In other words, the events are described and experienced by our Anais, who explores the pleasures of promiscuity, physical adoration, brothels and lesbian sex. She takes us into the world of her fantasies, which she’s not embarrassed to share in a very descriptive way. The story is even more controversial because it describes events from the intimate life of American writer and painter Henry Miller, who is working on his novel Tropic of Cancer in the movie. Later, the novel was recognised as a literary masterpiece of the 20th century and it’s a pseudo-biography of his wife June. Anais resents the fact that he can’t view erotica from a female standpoint as an author. Gradually, she introduces this to him. The movie is full of female frontal nudity, lesbian kisses, voyeurism and erotica. Those of you who want to see real erotica on the screen will definitely find it in the many sexual delicacies of the horny Anais.


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