Erotic Movies: Jamon Jamon

13.04.2013 | By: A. B.

This time, we take you to Spain, where Penelope Cruz’s hot, perverted and lustful sex never stops.



Jamon Jamon, Penelope Cruz

Javier is obsessed with Penelope's nipples, which taste like ham.


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A sixteen year old naughty girl

You will not believe this, but Penelope Cruz was only 16 during the shooting of Jamon Jamon. Just like Traci Lords, except that Penelope did not do a porn flick, but a very steamy erotic drama, where she shows a great part of her body, including her breasts, which are fondled by Jordi Molla and Javier Bardem. The first one is her boyfriend, the second her lover. They are both obsessed by Penelope's nipples, which first taste like an omelette and then like ham.


Jamon Jamon

Penelope Cruz became a sex symbol at only sixteen - in Jamon Jamon.

Ham on two legs

Penelope is a ham on two legs, and has ham between her legs. Her role is that of a sexy and spontaneous girl who assembles perverted love triangles into a very spicy story. The sexual connections are almost impossible to believe and are bursting at the seams. Everyone does it with everyone else. No one is troubled by morality. There is no question about it, Jamon Jamon, or, "ham ham", is without a doubt one of the hottest movies of all times. It will thrill even impotent men and frigid women.

Jamon Jamon, movie

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz did it with such passion that they lit the silver screens on fire in 1992.

A big hit which will inevitably arouse you

You are correct, Jamon Jamon can be viewed as an aphrodisiac, an intro into a steamy night, where you can put meat on your (or your partner’s) breasts as well. It is no wonder that the movie turned out to be such a hit and that Penelope Cruz became the hottest Spanish actress of the nineties, even though she only played a pregnant florist, whose future mother-in-law does not allow her to marry her son because she has greater plans for him. Because she is a real bitch, she hires the local pretty boy to drive Penelope crazy and turn her away from her son, and later she has sex with that local pretty boy herself. This is a movie only the Spaniards could make.


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