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22.09.2012 | By: Antonio B

The movie that forever erased the boundary between regular and porno movies.



movie Romance 1Romance was a movie that caused quite a stir all over the world.
movie Romance 2One of the roles was played by the popular and well-hung porn star Rocco Siffredi.
movie Romance 3The main female protagonist makes passionate love to a woman in one of her many adventures.
movie Romance 4When you are really horny, the headmaster also has a turn.
movie Romance 1
movie Romance 2
movie Romance 3
movie Romance 4


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Scenes that will make you hot

Romance was shot in 1999 by the French woman Catherine Breillat. A woman with no shame. She is a woman who has forever changed how sex is portrayed on the big screen. Some other movies already went far, but Romance goes further and shows uncensored oral intercourse, penetration, ejaculation, erected penises, people putting a condom on, close-ups of female sexual organs and a real case of a woman giving birth.

A female teacher cheats on her boyfriend with the headmaster as well

Concerning the story itself, the movie is perhaps a bit slow, but still intriguing and interesting. It is very provocative and explicit. Pornographic actually. A real porno with a story and real acting creations. This is a simple story of a teacher named Marie (played by Caroline Ducey) who has to look to lovers for sex because her boyfriend rejects her sexually. Even though her love for him is committed and strong and she adores him, she misses the intimacy and the chemistry, which she has to search for elsewhere. She gets into several daring situations, some of them involving the headmaster as well.

The porn star Rocco Siffredi

Attention! One of the leading roles is played by Rocco Siffredi, a popular and very endurable porn star, who took his scenes very literally and seriously. Of course, the director admitted that she also wanted him in the movie because of the size of his cock.


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