Erotic Movies: Secretary

30.04.2011 | By: Antonio B

Welcome to the strange world of a perverted boss and his even more perverted personal secretary.




The story of a sick and neurotic relationship between a lawyer and his personal secretary won’t leave you cold.


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A personal secretary who enjoys spankings

The brilliant Maggie Gyllenhaal shines as Lee Holloway, a personal secretary with masochistic inclinations, happy to be your humble slave, very naughty, who enjoys spankings and masturbating in public toilets. Makes perfect sense, as her employer is James Spades, the hero of such movies as Sex, Lies and Videotapes and Crash. James Spader could win the academy award for Best portrayal of wild perversions, as he seems to revel in these types of roles, but here he has met his match. His co-star has managed to blend with her character so well, that you’re tempted to think she really does like spankings. When you see what they get up to, or better what she gets down to at his request, you’ll be either appalled or amused.


Secretary, movie

Maggie Gyllenhaal played her part brilliantly and earned her reputation as cult actress.


A really sick relationship

The relationship between the personal secretary and her boss is sick, pathological, morbid and subtly amusing throughout.  If you’ve ever been madly attracted to your boss you probably know that the best way to get rid of a temptation is to give in to it. Or, in psychobabble: enacting your (albeit kinky) sexual fantasies is the best cure for mental problems. It’s true that at first, Lee looks like a poor unsuspecting victim of what is nowadays known as mobbing, the pet target of her perverted boss. But we soon discover that she actually enjoys the humiliation. If you’ve seen The Piano Teacher and The Night Porter you’ll quickly draw comparisons between Isabelle Huppert and Charlotte Rampling, who got up to similar dirty deeds. Secretary is an altogether less heavy and often even funny take on the submissive/dominant relationship.


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