Erotic Movies: Teenage Bride

15.12.2012 | By: I. M.

Teenage Bride is a movie for all those who like soft pornography and hairy women's pubic regions.



Teenage Bride 1Teenage Bride is a movie from an era when women didn't depilate their pubic areas.
Teenage Bride 2Dennis wants to save the marriage of his relative.
Teenage Bride 1
Teenage Bride 2


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Disappointed and unsatisfied housewife

Half brother Dennis, who just dropped out of college, one day suddenly appears on the doorstep of Charlie's house. He is welcomed by Charlie's naked wife Sandy, who confides in him that her marriage is on the rocks and there is in no love left. The conversations with her husband are cold and they quickly turn into an argument, and besides, Charlie has a lover Marie, who is also Marie's friend. The given situation is enough for the miserable Sandy to start an affair with Dennis. He additionally complicates the story because he wants to save the marriage of his relative. He visits Charlie's lover Marie and makes love to her in a way that Charlie never has.

Another product of the sexploitation genre

Sexploitation genre which was the most popular in the 1960s and 70s includes quite some explicit erotic scenes, but a lot is still left to the imagination, and the Teenage Bride is no different. The movie was shot in an era when women were not burdened with depilating their pubic area or silicone implants and you can see female and male frontal nudity. Of course, the scenes sometimes appear as if their prime intention is to make us laugh, but there are some details which won't leave you cold, especially if you enjoy - what seems amateur now - soft pornography. The script does not have a deeper meaning and the same goes for the acting abilities of the main protagonists. You will like this movie if you also enjoyed watching Bare Behind Bars, Sex and Fury, Salon Kitty or the movies made by Tinto Brass.


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