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24.11.2012 | By: Antonio B

A Polish man named Karol plans revenge for his ex-wife Dominique whi left him because he was unable to satisfy her sexually.



Three colors: White 1Three Colors: White is regarded as one of the highlights of the film art.
Three colors: White 2The enticing Dominique leaves her husband because he can't perofrm in bed.
Three colors: White 3Julie Delpy has played her orgasms wonderfully, to the delight of her fans.
Three colors: White 1
Three colors: White 2
Three colors: White 3


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Divorce because of impotence

This is the second part of the famous Krzysztof Kieslowski trilogy. The story begins at a French court of law where the attractive Dominique (Julie Delpy) wants a divorce and states his impotence and inability to satisfy her as the main reason. The poor man confirms her claims and adds that it's just temporary, but when his wife tells him she doesn't love him anymore, he finally understands that his marriage is over. In the very beginning of the story we are told that a young woman needs sex as well as love, so Dominique's behaviour is somewhat understandable. Just think how terrible it must be for a man when his penis fails him every single night, and his wife is forced to go to sleep unsatisfied. Kieslowski shows us that sexuality is an important part of love that can even lead to divorce, when it goes wrong.

Farewell sex

So poor Karol is left with no wife and a dysfunctional member, but since he's got nowhere to go and still has the key to their flat he goes home to Dominique. At first, she wants to call the police, but a few moments later she is overcome by lust and wants sex there and then. Dominique, who just hours earlier pleaded her husband's impotence as reason for divorce, is now astride his shaft - but Karol again fails to keep his erection and Dominique is very disappointed. She kicks Karol out and he's left to wonder the Paris Metro with no money, no love and no pride. There he meets compatriot Mikolaj, who tries to smuggle him into Poland in his suitcase. As luck, or the director, would have it, the suitcase is stolen by robbers, but Karol, full of bumps and bruises, finally manages to drag himself back to his hometown where he worked as a hairdresser. He slowly picks himself up, gathers some money, does a spot of fraud now and then and meets Mikolaj again. Mikolaj hires him to kill a friend of his who just got tired of life.

The poor man gets rich

In time Karol manages to get his act together and opens a succesful business together with Mikolaj. Though it seems as if he left Dominique and the past far behind this isn't the case, as not a day goes by without thinking about her or wanting her back. His journey to Poland and everything he did there were just a part of the plan to get Dominique back. He decides to write a will, leave everything to her and stage his own death. He's sure Dominique will come to the funeral as she'll be interested in the large sum of money. Everything goes according to plan and Karol watches his own funeral and sees his Dominique crying as the casket slides into the grave.

Hot sex with a stiff (the pun is intentional)

Karol then thinks of a superb ending and the teary-eyed Dominique finds him in her bed. Once she gets over the shock and is sure that her ex is really alive she gives in to her all-consuming lust and has wild and loud sex, where Karol has no erection problems for the first time, and Dominique is finally able to have an orgasm with him. Three Colors; White is a part of a famous cult trilogy regarded  by movie experts as one of the highlights of the film art. It is a movie which claims that a man has to die to properly satify a woman and that a woman can onloy really be satisfied by a deadman. You're right, Meg Ryan's orgasm from When Sally Met Harry was just childsplay.


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