Russ Meyer's ‘Up!’

5.01.2013 | By: Antonio B

A pure sexy, trashy movie from 1976, which you definitely won’t forget because of the Hitler’s double that’s eaten in his bath tub by a piranha!



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An excellent and trashy enough combination of sex, comedy and sensual horror movie.


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Bisexual and crazy about Hitler

The story of the movie ‘Up!’ revolves around wild Margo (Raven De La Croix), a heavy breasted young lady that has sex with every man and woman in the city and becomes embroiled in a wilder love triangle than you can imagine. The love triangle includes her and a young man named Paul (Robert McLane), bisexual, who penetrates the anus and mouth of the Hitler’s double in a very illustrative and shockingly amusing scene at the very beginning of the movie, and a young woman named Alice (Janet Wood), who wants to stab Margo because of jealousy. It’s true; this is a typical movie of cult Russ Meyer, a man with a fetish for large breasts, who didn’t care about anything and only rarely showed viewer something special. His movies were filled with extremes and almost tastelessly breasted women who didn’t know how to act. They just took off their clothes and satisfied his wild fetishes.


russ meyer up 2

Those who love giant breasts will definitely like the movie.


Double rape

If you intend to look for great dialogues, a convincing scenario, interesting actors, special approaches in directing and similar in this confusing, but still unusually amusing story of the movie ‘Up!’, you’ll be disappointed. Namely, this movie has to be looked at differently; in a way that director Russ Meyer imagined it. In the story, he included a muscular hunk that rapes two women at the same time and dies under the axe of the local police officer. As the story is confusing at times, or in other words, there isn’t any in the true narrative sense, Meyer added the narration by constantly naked Kitten Natividad, playing the role of an ancient Greek chorus, to make the story easier to understand, which can be considered as some sort of making fool of Greek tragedies.  If you therefore prefer extremely large breast, this is just the movie for you.


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