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Thirteen is a quality movie every parent with a sexually maturing teenager who’s growing up should see.



ThirteenThe mother of the leading actress is very concerned about the wild behaviour of her daughter.
Thirteen, MovieThirteen, a movie about the story about the sexual awakening of a good teenager, has a surprising amount of quality in it.
Thirteen, Movie


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Good at first, then problematic

Evan Rachel Wood, an actress who has all sorts of problems with her parents in all her movies, is Tracy Freeland, a totally ordinary, average and strangely dressed thirteen year-old. Nobody in school notices her. She’s noticed only when she’s teased for her childish socks. The girl is “user friendly”. She doesn’t smoke, drink, have intercourse, she doesn’t aggravate her mother and doesn’t do drugs. She’s actually so ordinary that she even gets along with her older brother. But then she’s hit by the Brittany Murphy syndrome from the movie Clueless, the syndrome of all the girls who want to be popular. They start smoking, drinking, doing drugs, wearing mini skirts, aggravating their mothers and having intercourse wherever they can. They want to grow up and get out of the childhood where girls are still listening to Britney Spears.

Sexually wild friend

Because Thirteen wasn’t directed by Amy Heckerling, the directress of the aforementioned movie Clueless, but by Catherine Hardwicke, the female version of Larry Clark, the maker of the youth movie Kids, we get a sort of mixture of these movies. There isn’t as much intercourse as we would expect. It’s replaced by pierced navels and tongues, French kisses, “petting” and arguments with parents. And because our Tracy Freeland isn’t only “clueless”, but also “ruthless”, she doesn’t mimic Alicia Silverstone, the protagonist in the movie Clueless, but the young girl Evie Zamora (Nikki Reed), a wild, horny, hormonal, crazy and direct teenager, another thirteen year-old who looks twenty, another Traci Lords, the famous underage porn star from the eighties. What Evie does, Tracy starts doing it as well. What Evie likes, Tracy starts liking it as well. What Evie dares to do, Tracy also dares. Even if it’s about cigarettes, earrings, drugs, intercourse and even a threesome Kip Pardue takes part in. The mother, played by Holly Hunter, is naturally going crazy, her brother is horrified, the father doesn’t have time and the mother’s lover isn’t ready for this kind of situation. Thirteen, a movie about thirteen year-olds for thirteen year-olds and especially their parents, turns into a surprisingly high-quality, dramatically profound and well acted movie in the end, which makes it more important and better than some thematically similar movies. The movie was made in 2003.


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