Erotic Stories

erotic story

Matthew's Girlfriend Prefers Girls (Part 4)


Despite his extensive skills, Matthew can’t seem to fully satisfy his unusual girlfriend!

erotic story

How I Lost My Virginity (Part 3)


Matthew remembers his first sexual encounter – with a librarian. So that's where his great love of...

erotic story

Good Girls Go to Bed Too (Part 2)


Matthew helps out his less-than-happily engaged friend.

erotic story

Maya with Perfect Labia (Part 1)


Matthew can find joy everywhere, especially in his favourite place, the library.

erotic series

Erotic Series by Mary (Part 23)


“Man and wife… forever…” This line from a movie kept repeating in my mind. Oh no!

erotic series

Erotic Series by Mary (Part 22)


I could feel he was tense. If he told me to go then, I would do it immediately. I loved him.


erotic series

31.03.2013 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 21)

He satisfied me in every possible way - vaginally, orally and even anally... I enjoyed it immensely. >>

erotic series

24.03.2013 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 20)

I looked under the covers. I was naked, covered with sweetly smelling, soft blankets. >>

erotic series

17.03.2013 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 19)

He brings me to so many orgasms. At first he does it gently and later he adds slapping...>>

erotic series

10.03.2013 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 18)

He was lying behind my back. He was gently kissing my neck. His wide palm was embracing me.>>

erotic series

3.03.2013 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 17)

I was so relieved. He was really glad to hear from me. I suddenly realized I had made the right decision. >>

erotic series

24.02.2013 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 16)

“Maya, are we lesbians?” “No way. We make love in a different way. Very beautiful and uplifting.”>>

erotic series

17.02.2013 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 15)

The divorce from my husband was long and tedious. It took three months. It was too long for me. >>

erotic series

10.02.2013 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 14)

I smiled when I entered the room and told Ernest that I was planning to go back to my hometown.>>

erotic series

3.02.2013 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 13)

It was pleasantly warm in the darkened room. I was a little afraid that I would not be able to continue the game...>>

erotic series

27.01.2013 Erotic Series by Mary (Part 12)

Naked women’s breasts in front of me! What is happening to me? Her piercing shone in the dark. >>

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