Erotic Series by Mary (Part 2)

18.11.2012 | By: Mary

Then we were only looking at each other. If he attacks me now, is this rape?



erotic series



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Then we were only looking at each other. If he attacks me now, is this rape? He did not do anything for a long time and my heart was pounding. He slowly undid his zip and pulled out his animal. A giant. It took my breath away.

“This is what I wanted to show you.”

It literally threw against the wall. Not solely the size, I even shocked myself. But don't you realize what the deal is now? He will fuck you, dear. You went with him to the toilet. What is going on with you? I never needed this sort of things. Are you perhaps just an ordinary whore? What am I to do now? I have no experience with such things.

“And what should… I do now?”  I asked him gasping for breath. I can still run away. What am I waiting for?

“Whatever you want.”

He was gently rubbing it and watching me calmly.

However, I did not do anything. I watched him, I watched his penis that was already half swollen, and I waited.

“Do you want me to tell you?”

“Yes… I do not know,” I uttered half in laughter and half in tears.

He waited a few more minutes and did not take his eyes off me.

“Take off your skirt.”


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At that moment there was no turning back. He thrust into my essence and started cutting out the impassable bush. It was as if he were already fucking me with his enormous machete. Why would I run away, why would I not take it? It would be liberating and childishly easy. I dropped my skirt on the floor and stood there in front of him in black  stockings, black knickers and black boots.

“Knickers as well.”

I obeyed him again and the excitement in me rose swiftly.

“You are beautiful.”

He turned away. I heard him how he tore the condom packaging. It did not seem humiliating at all that I am waiting for him so disgracefully. It was extremely intimate and, at the same time, so liberating.  My heart was beating and I felt that I was completely swollen. I was ready. Whore.


He sat on the toilet seat and stretched  his hand towards me.


He grabbed my hand, pulled me into his lap and  slowly impaled me without hesitation and with ease. He was constantly looking straight into my eyes.

“Why do you feel embarrassed? You just let yourself go.”

He squeezed me tightly around the belt and broke into a gallop in his rhythm. I closed my eyes.

“Open your eyes. I want you to look at me.”


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I put my arms around his neck and took the whole of it inside me, to the end. With his strong hands he reached over my buttocks to the swollen pubic region and further stretched it. It was not too large for me. It seemed that I could take inside me even twice the size of this one. I could go crazy open like that, but my raging was not accepted. He forced me to go slow and be precise. Great pleasure was oozing out of me.

And he was good to me, my master of pleasure. He helped me move right and at the most appropriate moment he said to me:

“Now you should come.”

I have never experienced anything like it. This was a completely new pleasure. Controlled. He lead me to it, focused and without mistakes, and I let him did it.

“Have you ever fucked like that?”

I shook my head.

“I can tell, darling. You know, I was not quite satisfied with you, but you have a great talent.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Keep addressing me as ‘You’. The fact that you sit on me does not give you the right to say ‘you’. You are still too inexperienced.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. And do not be cynical. It does not suit you.”

We then slowly and quietly put on the clothes. At the toilet door he turned to me once again.

“I really enjoyed it and if, by any chance, you ever want to see me again...,” when he said these words, he gently pushed a piece of paper in my stocking and disappeared.

I also enjoyed it, but if he gave me money, I will go after him and kill him.

But it was not money. It was a small white business card with a telephone number and only one word:



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