Erotic Series by Mary (Part 4)

2.12.2012 | By: Mary

After that orgasm something changed inside me. An obsession was developing inside me and I tried to suppress it.



erotic series



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There, I said it. After that orgasm something changed inside me. An obsession was developing inside me and I tried to stifle it, but I just could not stand my husband's lovemaking anymore. He was set in his ways - missionary position and finish with oral sex and constantly begging me to eat his sperm, which I really could not do. I did not have the courage to tell him this or that I wanted to leave him, so I became depressed.

“Oh, you came good, that sounds better. And you probably think I was responsible, right,” The Teacher smiled calmly. “Yes, I think so.” “Wrong, sweetheart. You are the one. You showed your talent and you are probably not even aware of it.” Again, his words surprised me. I was sure he would start praising his own prowess, that he would take what I was offering him and that he would actually screw me right then and there. This would be easiest for me. But he touched me where I wanted it least: inside. What more did he want from me?

“Sweetheart, did they fool you into believing that if someone has sex with you, he does not touch your soul? I hope not because that is a big lie. Trust me. I have had a lot of experience with women and I know. I observe you, eat you up with all my senses and my soul, I adore you. I am devoted to you. That time in the toilet, I saw your talent and it is huge.


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“What talent?”

“The talent to serve a higher cause - pleasure.”

“You are exaggerating.”

“Not at all. I saw it in your eyes when I was observing you from the other side of the counter. Such women are rare and such talent cannot be hidden. Maybe an inexperienced men does not notice it right away. Your husband probably does not know what to with it. Do you know what your role in the marriage is?”

“Please do not remind me of my marriage!”

""Why not? You are having problems, right? And I am willing to help you solve them. Marriage is the most valuable thing to a woman, you just need to discover your role in it.”

Then we were quiet for a long time. We looked at each other. He waited for the words to start making sense.

He was saying exactly the opposite of what I had expected. I was totally confused. I could not believe that someone I came to fuck could say such things because of me?! I was feverish and emptied my glass in one go. He poured me another and still we were quiet. I drank. I started breathing heavily. I could not look at him anymore.

“Sandra, get up and drink this glass. Now get up!”

My legs were shaking, I was stock-still and dared not move.

“Do you want to leave?”

It was torture. I felt some strange force slowly coming inside me and holding me in my place. I shook my head.

“Good, then I want you to undress. I want to see you naked.” I obeyed and took great pleasure in it, as if I had just been waiting for this opportunity.

I was slowly undressing. He did not interrupt me, my rhythm obviously suited him too. At the end, I took a long time with my panties, a black thong with sandy-white lace, tied at the side with a sandy-white piece of string. I started shivering all over my body. His cigarette took an eternity to burn out. I was naked.

“Now come here. God, you are beautiful. How old are you?”


“Great, women start reaching their sexual peak at that age."


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