Erotic Series by Mary (Part 5)

9.12.2012 | By: Mary

He was still sitting on the couch. He took my hands and pulled me all the way towards him.



erotic series



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He was still sitting on the couch. He took my hands and pulled me all the way towards him. He kissed my shaved bush gently. He put saliva on his middle finger, caressed my clitoris gently with it and then slowly slipped inside me. I inadvertently sighed with pleasure.

“Oh... you are very wet…I like that your pussy is so tight. Let us get one thing straight: you came here to fuck. Right?”

He did not stop peacefully poking me with his finger. He let go every so often, just so he could get into my clitoris.

“Yeah," I moaned

I still could not believe I was letting him do all this. I was not struggling in the least. This role felt good. It was so easy as if I had done it for an eternity.

“Right at the start I want to explain some rules you will have to abide by when you are with me. First of all, we will no longer fuck the way you are used to. I did that the first time I met you. I did it just to see your talent. You really came that time in the toilet. I counted your spasms. You really have potential!"


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The Teacher's words were making me even hotter than his finger. They were shocking and true. As if he were fucking me with them. I felt like crying, but I also felt an orgasm coming on. I took delight in his dominance over me. As if he had exposed much more than my body.

“But this", he poked me deeply, "is the property of your husband and it is inappropriate for my seed to finish up here again. Instead, we will play with it, teach it the art of pleasure and find other ways.”

Then he started making gentle circles around the entrance to my anus.

“Like here, where you are so compliant in giving yourself to me. Have you ever played around this area?”

“No", I admitted. I could no longer lie to him. I do not know how, but I felt like I would allow him to do anything with me. I was shivering all over my body. This damned precision in his fingers and words was so good. I felt I was going to come really incredibly. Then he got off me, put one arm around my buttocks, got close with his mouth and kissed the middle of my pussy. His lively tongue found its way to me and reached my clitoris.

“Remember the second rule: learning is a game. Your clit is still small, I want to raise it. I want you to come on it.”

Then he pushed back my skin fold and my "peach" shone in the light. Because it was no longer covered by a fold, it naively reacted to every stimulus. And there were many of them. I no longer remember what he did to me because I closed my eyes and curved towards him even more.

His fingers were soft and lively, quick and timelessly slow, gentle and painful. When he put my fold back even more, I only wanted the warm comfort of his mouth.

“Oh, you are responding well. Do not come until I tell you so.”

He kept on working and I sighed out in pain. When he finally put his fingers inside me, I had permission. He sucked my clitoris deep inside his mouth, I opened my eyes and fulfilled my duty.

It took me far away and blew my mind. But I was safe and succumbed.


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