Erotic Series by Mary (Part 6)

16.12.2012 | By: Mary

“The rules three and four are: you come when I say, always with your eyes open.”



erotic series



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He removed his hand, leaned back and said after a long pause:

“Rules three and four: you come when I say, always with your eyes open. You see how you learned this one playfully.”

Then he stroked my breasts for a long time. It looked as if he was thinking about something.

“I want you to go to the bathroom. You will find a washbasin in the sink. Poor warm water into it, grab some soap and a towel and bring it all here.”

Another surprise. Did he want to wash me? The lavish bathroom made me feel safe. I was looking at myself in the mirror. I had a gentle expression on my face.

I brought what he asked and put it on the floor next to his feet.

“Kneel, darling. Take my shoes off... and the socks... wash my feet.”

I could not believe it: I have never washed a man's feet. The humiliation was intoxicating. I put his feet gently into the water. Then I washed him for a long time and thoroughly. I enjoyed doing it. It was a new and unknown pleasure, as if I were not myself any more.

“That was nice. Now get up.”

I got up slowly and felt I had to go.

“I have to pee!”

“Sure, honey. Give me your hands and step over the basin. I want you to do it here, into my hands.”

The words were like a whip. The passion of surrender aroused me until I could not bare it. I held it for a little longer.

“Will you do that for me?”


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“Aaah! I cannot wait…”

It came pouring out of me. I capitulated completely. I felt like crying, I was suffering from all the pleasure. He soaked his fingers in my stream and pushed them against my clitoris. He started rubbing it again. He was getting sprayed all over his palms. I tensed up my body and pushed my fingernail into my thighs. The pleasure was coming like a slow Himalayan avalanche.


I screamed. O God, how I screamed and my face was full of tears. He held my trembling body in his arms for a long time and watched me pass water like a voyeur. When he spoke, it felt as if I had flown back to Earth.

“Crying and tears are good and to be expected at any moment. Do you even know what you accomplished? You made me very happy. Now get dressed. That is enough for today.”

I was still sobbing, but I had stopped crying and I looked at him in wonder. Would he let me go home without him being satisfied? It seemed impossible. I saw how horny he was.

“Do you not want…”


His ‘no’ was like a slap to the face. Was there something wrong with me?

“Look honey, there is nothing wrong with you. You are amazing, not every girl can do these things. I could really love you. But my love is different. When I love you, your spirit can move on undetermined coordinates. Only in this way can we be so wonderfully different and sinfully unified. Apart, yet together. For now, you cannot receive and give such love. But I will teach you, if you wish.”

He was silent for a while and he let me think. It was a powerful monologue. It was almost a manifesto.

“And do not worry about my pleasure. Your most important job is to be a wife. Go do it. Embrace the fact that you were born to give pleasure. If you ever need my help again, you can come back and let me show you how to serve pleasure. But it is a slow and calm process, which cannot be forced. The more you trust yourself, the more you will enjoy. "


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