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how do i have a better orgasm?

27. Oct Hi Chris, have you tried masturbating using a cock ring? Try focusing in the...

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What kind of sex toys do you use?

25. Oct It depends on my mood, when I need deep penetration I reach for my 8 inch...

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How often do you masturbate? what are your fantasies? :)

24. Oct I'm a phone sex operator, and I masturbate several times a day during work. I...

Lonely Trucker's Wife

24. Oct Have you ever tried pleasuring yourself on a full bladder? I think you'll find...

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is it true ?

8. Oct i was told by a girl that my dick akapenis is too small, it's 22 cm i got...

Author: krozrd
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6. Jun Hi I'm a middle aged male (53) from the UK East Midlands with an interest...

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Size of my penis

6. Jun I would say you were certainly on the decent side of average.

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male genital piercings

9. May It can be done. Go for it.

Author: Skinskin
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Rough sex

5. Aug I've always wanted to try choking during intercourse, but am scared I'd hurt...

Author: ballen4201
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Is my penis too long?

27. Apr I've got an other problem, mine is just about 13 centimeters. is it to small??

Author: DK13
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How often do you masturbate?

8. Mar 1-5 times a day, just wish i had a man or a woman to have sex with, my hand...

Author: chris18
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Funny Erotic Stuff

4. Feb

Author: onduty
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Funny Erotic Stuff

24. Feb His wife is mean: Man says to his wife: Let me take a picture of your breasts, than I can always look at them. Wife: Let me take a picture of you penis, I will have it enlarged.

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How often do you masturbate? what are your fantasies? :)

18. Mar Hi, men! I wonder: how many times a week do you masturbate? Also, are you...

What kind of sex toys do you use?

24. May I'm just curios, what are your favorite sex toys? How did you start to use...

Author: giselle
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Lonely Trucker's Wife

2. Sep Well my problem is that my husband is never home and I have needs (lol). I'm...

Author: Koi
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