7 Rules of Casual Sex You Really Want to Know

19.07.2012 | By: I. M.

The 7 rules of casual sex you absolutely need to know...



rules of casual sex

Casual sex can be divine. But break the rules and suffer the consequences! (PhotoXpress)


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Rule 1: Emotions are a no-no

First of the rules of casual sex is that such sex is nothing but pure sex, so you should consider it as such. When emotions are involved, erotic pleasure can become great suffering for at least one of the lovers. People often feel love and jealousy, and we all know that this combination can be extremely dangerous. When casual sex turns into unrequited love, the relationship ends sooner or later because there’s no point prolonging suffering.

Rule 2: No strings attached

The second of the rules of casual sex implies there’s no commitment, which distinguishes it from committed sex. The rule of no strings attached enables the people involved to decide on a sexual encounter when it suits them, and not to be limited to one person only. Unfortunately, if you see your lover with another person, you have no right to be angry or jealous. Your relationship with this person is open and without any commitment, so angry and jealous lovers are unwelcome. Don’t expect constant telephone calls. Don’t expect sweet messages. Don’t expect fidelity. Don’t expect small gifts and also don’t expect declarations of love.

Rule 3: Sometimes shallow is good

The third of the rules of casual sex says that if your relationship has only been based on sex, there is obviously a good or bad reason for that. There can be a lot of reasons. The most obvious reason why your relationship is only based on sex is, of course, your or your partner's potential spouse. It’s therefore highly unadvisable to have casual sexual encounters because the affairs can put you in some extremely unpleasant situations. You definitely should not overstep boundaries and request that your lover do daring things regarding his or her family. Now you probably also wonder about the reasons for not overstepping boundaries if both of you are single and not in a relationship. The matter is simple. If sex is great, why ruin the relationship by trying to extend it to a friendship or serious relationship. People are often carried away in the moment of loneliness by turning the so-called ‘fuck buddy’ into a steady partner. If this turns out to be a bad idea, you might lose both.

Rule 4: Be a wise coach

The fourth of the rules of casual sex: If you notice that your life consists of relationships which come and go, which start and end – therefore, relationships which aren’t serious – you can consider your lover as a reserve player. But remember, a reserve player enters the game only when the main player leaves it. Be wise and never mix roles because it can become crowded, which would be unpleasant for everyone, and you would prove to be a bad coach.

Rule 5: Discretion is paramount

The fifth of the rules of casual sex explains why silence is golden. Discretion and mystery make secret casual relationships particularly exciting to some people. Of course, it is highly advisable to use both because if you’re careless, you can raise the veil of mystery. It’s best to confide your casual encounters to a stranger who knows nothing about you. No matter how good and close friends you have, they can judge you on the basis of your casual relationships and reveal your secrets to others.

Rule 6: Guilty conscience is a bad thing

The sixth of the rules of casual sex eases your conscience: For a casual relationship you should choose people you do not love, like, respect, or those you will not remember until the next time you meet. If you think you are using people by doing it, and if you have a guilty conscience every time you meet them, you should forget casual relationships.

Rule 7: Do you have a large enough selection of sexy lingerie and sexy underwear?

The seventh of the rules of casual sex helps you dress well: Of course, it would be strange if men wore the same boxers for every casual sex, and if women always put on the same bra. As the point of a secret casual relationship is the sexual charge, lust and passion, you also have to often buy new sexy underwear.


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