Are you addicted to sex?

26.03.2013 | By: Antonio B

Is there something wrong with you if you constantly want to have sex and if you have a hard on every time your darling parades in front of you?



sex addiction

If you’re tempted to have sexual intercourse with your partner several times a day, let yourself go and don’t be bothered by anything. (PhotoXpress)


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Is it normal to have sexual intercourse several times a day?

If you’re afraid that you may be suffering from sex addiction, let me put your mind at ease right at the beginning, especially if you have one intimate partner you love deeply and find attractive as no other women before. This isn’t an addiction, but a fatal attraction, love and a desire for sex with the person you adore. There’s no need to check into a sex addiction clinic. This is a completely natural and the only right way to behave. What could be wrong with the fact that you want to be intimate with your sexy partner every single day and even several times a day? What could be wrong with the fact that you want to have her for breakfast, lunch and dinner? What could be wrong with the fact that you want to lick her vagina 24 hours a day, kiss her all over her body and wildly adore her every inch? Completely nothing, dear readers. It would be wrong if you didn’t feel all these things and if you wanted to be intimate with her only once a week or once a month. As long as you want her every day, or every other day, and if you can’t live without her body, everything is just fine and you have nothing to worry about. This is a completely natural thing for a man who’s in love with a woman he also finds physically very attractive. Your fears that there’s something wrong with you and that you may be exaggerating a little bit are, in our opinion, totally unnecessary. Let yourself go and have sex as much as you like, especially if you’re in initial stages of your relationship when you would simply die without her vagina, buttocks and breasts. The couple that loves and is attracted to each other should know no limits, so it’s silly to set any. If you want, you can also call that addiction, but the word should have a positive connotation. Dear ladies, don’t be angry if your partner is crazy about having sex with you and don’t think that he’s only interested in your genitals. You should be pleased that he behaves like that and as long as things go in that direction, everything will be fine.

Is a woman who wants to reach multiple orgasms a nymphomaniac?

If your partner is as crazy about sex as you are, be happy and don’t worry yourself. This only means that she’s completely devoted to you, adores you, constantly wants your penis and truly loves you. Why would you look strangely at her because of the constant desire for sex, saying that she’s a nymphomaniac, only interested in sex, and that you’re afraid she might go with someone else if she has the chance? This is an erroneous belief. If she’s wild when she’s with you, that doesn’t mean she would have sexual intercourse with someone else. You should take it as a compliment and call her a nymphomaniac in an extremely positive light, as a funny joke that will additionally arouse you. The same applies to her orgasms. If one isn’t enough for her, make sure that she reaches two or perhaps even three orgasms. Who says you have to give her all three orgasms with penetration. Combine and use your tongue, fingers and a vibrator. You should be pleased to have such a wild women by your side and arouse her so strongly that she never has enough of you.

What about masturbation?

It used to be said that masturbation is harmful and dangerous because it may cause blindness and the Church even proclaimed it a sin. This is of course rubbish in which nobody believes anymore, since everyone masturbates, even if they have a serious relationship. And especially if they want to unwind after a stressful day and their partner isn’t nearby. Why would you be angry at your man who masturbates and accuse him of being an addict and unable to wait for you to come? Never do that and try to think in the direction that it’s better that he masturbates as opposed to satisfying his sexual needs with another woman. The same goes for men who may be angry at and jealous of their woman who gives herself a hand in reaching orgasms. There’s no need for that because this keeps her sexually fit, meaning that she barely waits for you to satisfy her needs. On the other hand, if a person masturbates and has the partner in his or her thought at the same time, that’s a compliment and a very hot stuff, isn’t it? What if your partner feels like masturbating several times a day? Let the partner also enjoy it when he or she’s alone and bored.  This doesn’t mean that he or she’s an addict and exaggerates. It only means that your partner is thinking of you and barely waits to be together with you and that he or she has no other alternative than to satisfy the need for you.


You can find more advice on Sexual Addiction in the Encyclopedia of Sexuality.



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