Darling, Would You Like Me to Play with Your Balls?

31.05.2010 | By: V. M.

Ladies, the following advice will help you learn how to play with his balls and get him to unforgettable moments of pleasure...


If you learn how to play with his balls you can drive your partner crazy with pleasure. (Photoxpress)

If you learn how to play with his balls you can drive your partner crazy with pleasure. (Photoxpress) 

Not every man likes it if you play with his balls

There are men who absolutely adore that their girls lick or fondle their balls. There are also men who cannot stand the thought of her touching his personal jewels. Some women know this, but I had to learn the hard way. My previous sexual partner adored gentle touches and blowing on the testicles. When the relationship ended and a new one began, I wanted to prove to the new guy how good I was at handling his balls. Unfortunately, the new man could not stand being touched on the balls. So girls, before following the advice below, simply ask your partner: ''Darling, would you like me to play with your balls?''

Tips on how to play with his balls

We have some tips on how to massage the testicles. Some types include working on his penis as well. A massage or your grip cannot cause pain or discomfort but nevertheless do not forget to be gentle.

First, start to explore and fondle the space between his testicles with the tip of your fingers. Before the massage, ask your partner to tell you as often as possible what he likes and enjoys and what does not feel good to him. So, with the help of his instructions, learn where it feels good to touch him. Do not forget that massaging his testicles is very reminiscent of gentle caressing. Once you find his magic buttons and learn how to press them, stick to it. Just a slight change in the pressure and the massage can become very unpleasant for him.

How to play with his balls: Tickle them

Form a circle around the testicles with your thumb and your index finger. Squeeze the pouch gently and be careful that your partner feels no pain. Hold the pouch next to the groin with one hand, just tightly enough so that it is stretched. Use the other hand to gently go up and down by the sides of the pouch, as if you wanted to tickle him.

How to play with his balls: Penis up - balls down

A lubricant is required for this massage. Squeeze a small amount of lubricant on your hand. With one hand grab the bottom part of the penis and with the thumb and your index finger of the other hand hold the bottom part of the balls that is attached to the groin. This squeezing makes the testicles pop out and the skin of the pouch stretches. Squeeze the hand on the penis gently and pull it up along the penis, while the hand holding the testicles should pull slightly down. All the man has to do is to let you know what rhythm and force he is most comfortable with. 

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