Do Her From Behind!

12.07.2010 | By: S.J.

Intercourse from behind resembles animal intercourse, which awakens our primal passion. Continue reading and find out what it actually means and how can you do her from behind!


When a woman tells you she wants it from behind it usually means she wants vaginal intercourse. (Photoxpress)

When a woman tells you she wants it from behind it usually means she wants vaginal intercourse. (Photoxpress)

Many men and even women find themselves in a dilemma when their partner whispers in their ear: “Do me from behind!” “From behind? What does she want from me now? Does she want it in the anus or the vagina?” is the question that arises in many a man’s head at that moment. He sometimes continues in the missionary position out of fear of making a mistake or waits for the woman to set herself in the desired position and stick the penis in the right hole.

Let us then explain the terms. When a woman tells you she wants it from behind it usually means she wants vaginal intercourse. But this does not mean she is not into anal pleasure. Quite the opposite, the position from behind is very interesting for her because it stimulates her G-spot and the penis can penetrate very deep into the vagina and also makes her clitoris very available to the man. Are you wondering what this has to do with anal pleasure? Well, many women, when they are approaching their climax, also like their partner to stimulate their anal opening or even stick their finger into it. Anal intercourse has to be agreed upon, of course. But today we are discussing doggy style in its many forms, so let us deal with the three possible variants.

The standard doggy position is when the woman kneels with her back arched and supports herself with her forearms, while the man “plugs” into her also kneeling and supporting himself on her hips. But doggy style can also mean intercourse in other ways...

From behind – standing up

It is a little more difficult to execute this position if there is a substantial height difference between the two of you. But do not give up too soon. Sometimes the woman can add to her height by wearing high heels (this is applicable, for example, when you are making love in a public place) or if the woman simply kneels onto a higher surface and only the man remains standing. If you do not have height issues, then both of you should stand and the woman should hold on to an immovable object, for example a table, a window shelf, etc. in such a way that she is able to balance herself. Be careful and choose a really stable object which will not slip because you can quickly sustain a nasty injury from the fall.

An intermediate option – missionary from behind

If you are in no way able to have intercourse standing up, you can attempt a position, which is part missionary and part from behind. The woman lies on her back and is partly turned to one side while one of her legs points straight up. The man penetrates her with his legs spread apart while possibly leaning on the bed or on her outstretched leg. The position will leave him panting heavily but provide you both with unforgettable pleasure. Considering the fact that many ladies do not like intercourse from behind since it does not provide them with the most pleasant view, but this last position can enable them to keep a good view of their partner. Reaching an orgasm most definitely depends also on the man’s physical fitness.

The third option - Cuissada

This option is a little more comfortable and a bit simpler because the woman lies on her side and the man penetrates her from behind lying down. The position may indeed resemble the sleeping pose so at first glance it may not seem exactly “orgasmic”, but believe me that a great deal can be achieved. If the man is a bit fitter, he can also attempt to penetrate her from the side. She lies on her side, he kneels on his heels and penetrates her.

Whichever position you attempt, may it be standing up, the intermediate or the Cuissada, men should pay careful attention when inserting the penis from behind. Sudden moves and deep penetration can be as painful to her (you can hit her ovary or another organ) as someone hitting your testicles.

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