How to Have Sex Standing Up?

25.05.2010 | By: S.J.

The standing up position was already practiced in ancient India and it was so popular that some of the ancient temples are dedicated to it. Now is your opportunity to learn some extremely erotic and arousing positions to experience sex standing up.


Sex standing up was popular even in the ancient times. (Photoxpress)

Sex standing up was popular even in the ancient times. (Photoxpress)


The sexual positions where the partners are standing up, or at least one is, while the other is bent, are amongst the most difficult. Not only are they very difficult to perform, but they demand a lot of skill and strength from the participants as well. Some of these positions are very difficult if the man is not in his peak condition while the other positions depend on the woman's weight and agility.

Be as it may, having sex while standing up can be very erotic and sexual. The standing up position originates from the ancient Indian culture. The erotic statues in ancient Indian temples depict different standing up positions but they also exude gracefulness and elegance.

Let us take a look at different positions and how they are performed:

Take me in your arms

With this position, it is of key importance that the woman is lighter and that the man’s arms are stronger because this position requires a lot of effort from him. To start, the man leans against a wall and lifts his partner in his lap, so that her behind is supported by his palms, or he can also hold her with his thighs. The woman must embrace the man with her legs, just like she was riding a horse. The contact between the two of them should not be too tight because that would hinder his thrusting back and forth. If you wish or have enough strength, you can move away from the wall and continue the intercourse without the man supporting himself against a wall. A very popular position is also when the woman leans against the wall and the man presses her against it. Of course, guys should not forget about fondling her breasts, which will additionally spice up your intercourse. The woman's hands are not as free during this, so the best way to use them is to lean on something or to hold on to his shoulders.

Joining by lifting one leg

It happens many times that we have a sudden urge of passion or desire for spontaneous intercourse in a private room. It could happen in a toilet or somewhere else, but the position we recommend is just right. The position is performed so that the partners’ bodies face one another and they are leaning on one another or against a wall. If the female is smaller, the man can bend his legs or the woman can stand on his feet to make it easier. But when the height difference is too great, this will most likely not be an option. The woman can therefore lift one thigh against the thigh of the man, which enables him deeper penetration into her and greater pleasure as well.

Bend for your pleasure

This position, which reminds more of mating of cows or donkeys or something similar, takes a lot of agility from the woman. It is done so that the woman leans forward with her hands stretched and braces on the floor with one hand, while the man penetrates her from behind. It is important he holds her tightly because she might fall flat on her face with all the rocking back and forth. This position enables the man to penetrate deeply into the vagina and it gives him better control of the thrusting. He can also stroke her clitoris during the thrusts and give her greater pleasure as well.

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