How to Make Him Get an Instant Erection?

15.02.2012 | By: A. B.

We offer 10 effective tips for a woman to help her man achieve an instant erection ...



quick erection

Change places where you most often have intercourse. (Photoxpress)


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1. For an instant erection, seduce him over the dining table 

Couples normally have sexual intercourse in the bedroom, but it is good if you change the place where you indulge in sexual activities from time to time. Have sexual intercourse in the living room, on the sofa or even on the floor. Have it in the kitchen. On the table or kitchen worktop. Do it against the wall in the hall and in the bathroom, too. Let the whole apartment become your bedroom and make sure that you don’t have sexual intercourse only where you usually sleep. Even though the bed is probably more comfortable, it is not very exciting.

2. Give him your smell as a gift

After morning and evening recreation, when you are dripping with sweat, don’t take a shower immediately. Instead, enjoy some steamy intercourse before you do it. Smell and arouse each other. Your man will, without a doubt, find your sweating body very sexy, and naturally you will like the fresh sweat on his body, too. "Fresh" should be emphasized!

3. Guide his hand

Take his hand and place it on your abdomen, breasts and buttocks. Let him feel your body. Guide his hand across your erogenous zones, but don’t allow him to move it himself. You are the one who decides on how and where he should move his hand. In the end, put it in your panties and tell him to taste your genitals. Add the licking of his finger and your success (an instant erection) is guaranteed.

4. “Harass” him with erotic text messages

When you are at work, write him a short, but very erotic e-mail. Describe all your wishes for "tonight" and try to be as naughty as possible. Use hot words and describe things that drive him completely wild.

5. Caress the rear of his knees and his ankles

The rear of his knees is an erogenous zone that men usually don’t even know about. Start to massage it and then continue with kissing and licking it. Surprise him by showing him that he is able to enjoy things he never thought possible. Moreover, experts claim that a man has a special area on the ankle the stimulation of which he can feel in his genitals, especially if you massage the area with your hands or possibly with your tongue. Surprise him by starting to massage both his ankles at the same time. Massage them for a while and use circular motion.

6. Let out a gasping sigh

When he caresses your hair, let out a seductive, gasping sigh. When he caresses you again, intensify your sighs. Men like to hear that and this alone will drive him completely wild - he will hardly wait to make you sigh even louder.

7. Snuggle up to him soaking wet

After a shower, don’t wipe yourself. Instead, snuggle up to him. He will be immediately turned on by your wet, scented and fresh body. Add the game with a towel that accidentally falls on the floor.

8. Perform an erotic striptease

Striptease always guarantees success, especially if it is unexpected and done properly. Dim the lights in the room, play a truly sexy song and start to perform slow and erotic moves. Seductively take your clothes off and throw every piece of your clothing into his lap. After you take off your panties, put it in his mouth to drive him wild with the smell of your vagina.

9. Praise his penis

When he takes his clothes off or after a shower, start praising his body and penis in every possible way. Instil self-confidence in him and let him know that he is still the most sexy and attractive man in the world. Give him seductive looks so he will truly feel that you like his body and that you want him between your legs.

10. Wear high heels during sexual intercourse

Before you go to bed, take everything off except your high heels or a piece of jewellery that hangs over your breasts. It is even better if you stay in your boots and don’t take them off even during sexual intercourse. This will, of course, be something completely new to your man and he will be turned on instantly.


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