How to raise your self-confidence in bed (Part 2)

27.06.2012 | By: Antonio B

Don’t think you’re worthless in bed. Read about how to change this way of thinking.



self-confidence in bed

Don’t worry if the wish for tearing one another’s clothes off isn’t always there after being in a relationship with your partner for many years. (PhotoXpress)


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Self-confidence in bed #6: You don’t have to perform miracles during fellatio

Many women think that men are very demanding when it comes to fellatio and that they expect some miraculous techniques, impossible deep throats and things only girls in porn movies are able to perform. This is a bad mistake. Fellatio is all about the feeling you perform it with, meaning that your man has to feel you’re being committed. You only have to be careful with your teeth, everything else will easily bring him to a powerful orgasm. So, dear readers, don’t be afraid and get to work on his penis with pleasure and without fearing that he’ll not be satisfied. Anyway, practice makes perfect, especially if you imagine his penis to be an ice cream, where your teeth become really cold if you bite it and forget to only lick it.

Self-confidence in bed #7: Your partner will also have to understand you’re tired

There must be some days when you’re really tired and would literally have to force yourselves into having relations. On one side, this really isn’t all that bad because an orgasm can relax you, especially if your partner works hard and you only enjoy it. But we still advise you to leave out sex on some days and have an early night to recharge for the next day. If you had a really hard day at work, if your kids drove you mad at home and made you miss some sort of class, for example, it might be best to go to bed and surprise your man with wild intercourse the next morning, when you’re feeling rested, fresh and full of energy.

Self-confidence in bed #8: Where has the wild passion disappeared to?

Don’t worry if you don’t want your partner as wildly as at the start and if you don’t feel like tearing his clothes off him and having sex with him in the middle of the living room, for example. Passion cools down through the years, which means that this is perfectly normal. But beware! This doesn’t mean that you can fall asleep. Thinking about why this is so can cause you too many worries and turns your sexuality into a philosophy instead of a practice. Don’t be afraid and have as much intercourse as you want. Even though it may start slowly and lazily, it can soon turn into the wild passion you might have been missing. It would be wrong to plan unhindered wild intercourse. It has to happen spontaneously. You can’t know what any sexual act will turn into once it gets started and is in full flight.

Self-confidence in bed #9: Kegel exercises are not made up

The vagina needs exercise if it wishes to remain flexible and such that it gives you and your partner real pleasure for a long time to come. Muscles become loose with age, so they have to be moulded into their previous condition with special Kegel exercises. The exercises are very simple, which means that you don’t have to do anything new or read any technical literature. Squeeze the vaginal muscles as if you were trying to hold the flow of urine, then relax them again. Repeat this several times almost every day and we’re convinced the results will be visible very soon. A flexible vagina will give you better orgasms and your partner, or his penis, to be more precise, will also be very pleased with it.

Self-confidence in bed #10: So-called doggy style

Some women still avoid it because they find it slightly demeaning, also due to porn movies where the actors really do practice it very roughly. The problem might be in the name itself because the woman feels like a dog already at the start, so we suggest you change the name and use expressions like: “Get on all fours, turn around, so I can do you from behind, lean on your hands, put your vagina and ass in front of me, darling,...” You do this simply to avoid the negative connotations of the name. Doggy style is excellent for both women and men. The man enjoys the sight of the female behind and feels like a king, while women feel the penis really deeply and can feel very naughty.


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