How to Use Anal Beads and Make the Most of Them?

13.07.2011 | By: S. J.

Using anal beads can be an excellent foreplay or a refreshment of the anal game. Read about what they are, how they work and how to use them the right way.



anal beads

Anal beads are usually pulled out just before reaching an orgasm, to enhance it.


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What are anal beads?

You must have heard of the Japanese wonder, or the Japanese beads, which lead a woman to a nice orgasm? You can also use them for anal pleasure, but in principle they're meant for vaginal usage and are different to the anal ones we will be describing. Anal beads are similar to vaginal ones, except that they're smaller and connected with a plastic string.

Anal beads can be different sizes and made of various materials; the most common ones and the most appropriate for beginners are made of rubber. The most hygienic and the most comfortable ones are from silicon. Unlike the rubber anal beads, they are easy to clean. Rubber is a substance that cannot be a 100% disinfected. There are also vibrating anal beads and spherical "anal dildos".

How do anal beads work?

You insert the beads into the anus one at a time. They can be used by men and women alike, and either in solo sex or in company. Mostly, anal beads are used by heterosexual couples during vaginal intercourse. Just before a woman has an orgasm, she can – or her partner can – remove the beads from her anus.

The beads are shaped so that 5 to 10 of them follow one another in size, from the smallest to the largest. This is very important because the anus adjusts to larger objects slowly. It's also practical when you take them out – then, it's desirable if the first bead is bigger because there is greater stimulation and the orgasm is more intense. While some people swear by slow insertion and extraction of the anal beads, some prefer taking the beads out quickly, all at once, just before the orgasm. Some suggest using vaginal and anal beads simultaneously.

How do we use them?

Always bear three things in mind, when dealing with anal beads: communication, lubrication and relaxation!

Before you start playing with your new sex toy, try if the string is strong enough (if the beads are on a string), as you don't wish to leave one in the anus by accident. Also check the surface of the beads. It should be smooth. Any sharp pieces could damage the inside of your anus.


No matter whether you use the beads alone or with your partner, follow the language of the body. If you have company, don't forget to ask your lover if she needs more lubricant, if she wants some other part of her body stimulated, if she's ready to have another bead inserted, or if it is time to pull them out.


It's very important to use a lot of lubricant. The most desired lubricants are water-based.


Before pushing the beads into the anus, the person must be totally relaxed. Penetrating the anus when the contracting muscle isn't relaxed can be unpleasant and painful, which isn't exactly the point of this accessory.

You're in no rush

Take your time when inserting the first bead. When you put it in, wait and let the body adjust to the feeling. Put the other beads in one at a time, too. This will enhance the sensation. Stop when you require more lubricant. Don't rush with inserting the whole string of beads into the anus: the accessory can provide satisfactory results even if not all the beads are inside the anal opening.

Breathe deeply

Don't hold your breath. Breathing deeply is very important for pleasure during intercourse, especially during anal intercourse. Your body is in this way filling up with oxygen, which helps your muscles relax even more.

Pull them out carefully

When you take your anal beads out, it's best to do it in a straight line and not tilt them up or down, left or right. Fight the urge to pull them out wildly and quickly.


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