Learn tantric massage of her love hole!

24.10.2012 | By: Z. J.

Learn the Tantric massage of the female genitalia, which open up doors to a new dimension of sexuality!



tantric massage 1Tantric massage is the path to her orgasm, but not the only goal.
tantric massage 2Tantric massage is an old tehnic.
tantric massage 3Get her know the joy of tantric massage.
tantric massage 1
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Joni is the Sanskrit expression for the vagina. It’s loosely translated as “the holy temple”. This type of massage is very exciting and relaxing for the recipient, while the person who does the massage is present during a special moment which creates a great feeling of connection between partners.

An orgasm isn’t the goal of the massage, but it is a welcome by-product. If it happens, it’s usually very intense and satisfying.


A precondition for the massage is a safe, comfortable and warm space. Switch off all telephones, create a relaxed atmosphere with gentle music and dim the lights with candles, etc. Go to the toilet before starting the massage, so you don’t have to interrupt it. Bathe or shower together and then get comfortable on the bed. Embrace and fondle one another as usually, so that you create that real feeling of connection. It’s good if you relax her with a massage of the entire body.

Put a pillow under her head, so that she has a good view of what you’re doing. Put another pillow under her bottom, so that the yoni is nicely exposed. Sit with your legs crossed between her spread legs (you can also put pillows under her knees to make her even more comfortable).

It’s important to stress that you both have to breathe deeply and in a relaxed way the whole time and not hyperventilate. Talk very little because your thoughts can wander away from the sensations in this case. Look one another in the eyes a great deal though.

Use quality lubricant or massage oil, but it shouldn’t be scented. Ordinary baby oil also works well.

Hold one of the wonders of the universe in your hands

Warm up oil or lubricant in your hands and apply it to the Venus mound and labia majora. Start massaging the Venus mound and the labia majora, then also the labia minora. You can circle the mound and press gently and knead or caress the labia. Fondle the clitoris with circular motions or squeeze it between two fingers. You have to be aware that this is a massage and that an orgasm is not the primary goal.

When you’ve really massaged the labia and the mound, gently insert the middle finger of the right hand (this is an important addition in Tantra) into the vagina and explore its interior. Make the “come here” gesture with your middle finger in the vagina, while your hand is facing towards the ceiling. The middle finger should be joined by the ring finger and they should explore it together. If your partner agrees, insert your little finger into her anus – be careful that it’s moist enough and that you’re gentle. Your thumb should gently massage the clitoris during all this. In Tantric terms this would be called “holding one of the wonders of the universe in your hands”.

Don’t use your free left hand to fondle yourself, but use it on your partner instead: the clitoris, the Venus mound, breasts, stomach...

An orgasm and what follows

An orgasm can happen and if it does, it’s very strong. There can be several of them. Some also use this kind of massage for removing certain sexual blockages, so it can easily happen that the recipient feels strong sensations or even cries during the process.

The massage should last as long as the recipient enjoys it – stop only when she tells you. At that time remove your hands very slowly and carefully. Let her enjoy the “afterglow”, don’t demand that she instantly gives you something in return. Instead, snuggle up to her and enjoy this special moment with her.


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