Let it grow!

28.09.2011 | By: T. P.

Pubic hair have been oppressed and neglected for too long. Find out what causes that and why it’s high time that we open our eyes and let it grow!



let pubic hair grow

Pubic hair is something completely natural. (PhotoXpress)


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Why’s pubic hair ugly?

People usually don’t wonder why things are beautiful, but sometimes it wouldn’t hurt if the view on beauty was put under the microscope. A woman’s pubic hair is considered very unnecessary and ugly by many girls. Although nobody dealt with this idea seriously, the following conclusions have been reached. Girls are used to their body being clean and hairless. When puberty begins and hard black hair starts growing, they quickly get scared of it. In addition, they notice that men are fairly hairy and they can therefore consider their hairiness as a masculine or animal-like feature. Pubic hair doesn’t go together with toys, dolls, cartoons and movies, or literature and art. That’s why a girl shockingly observes her hair, and if her parents and environment don’t provide the right information, the hair is doomed to shaving. Today, there are even cases where mothers help shave their 12-year old daughters. This is a really strange world.

Why do we have pubic hair?

Why do we have pubic hair after all? This is a very nonsensical question, similar to the question why men have warts, hair, beard, etc. It doesn’t matter. The fact is that we have pubic hair and they grow. Some people say that it even plays a certain role. It’s a visual sign showing that a girl is sexually mature. Pheromones entangle in it and, besides eyesight, it also helps stimulate smell and touch. Women in the tribes of the South Pacific used it instead of towels because it prevents fluids and small things from entering the vagina and so on. It causes nice tickling and intertwining during sexual intercourse and also acts as a buffer against rough thrusting. All that and more is its purpose, but we can easily survive without it. As men without warts, nobody shaves it off and says how ugly and neglected he ort she looks.

Why do we shave it?

It’s difficult to determine what the fate of pubic hair was in antiquity. Some people shave it for religious reasons; Wikipedia mentions Persia, Turkey, Albania and Kosovo. The real war against pubic hair started with swimsuits. Because of the design of a swimsuit, it was necessary to trim pubic hair (although we can wonder why), and ever higher lines required more rigorous trimming and shaving. When a bikini was invented, a complete depilation occurred and took root as a fashion principle. Oral sex was also widely practised, and it’s supposed to be easier if the vulva is freshly shaved, with which the author of this article doesn’t agree at all. It may be easier to perform, but it’s definitely duller and less odoriferous. We’ve already refuted the hygiene argument many times. Shaving has no connection with the hygiene of the vulva and vagina; it worsens it at the most. The skin is often inflamed and rapidly irritated. It would be interesting to conduct a study on whether women who shave have a higher or lower number of vaginal infections. A lot of women shave their pubic hair, above all, because the skin is more sensitive to the touch and they therefore enjoy sex more and become aroused more easily.

Why should you let it grow?

This is always a personal decision and it has to be respected. But we can give you a hint that some reasons for its removal have more sense and others have less sense, while there are silly reasons as well. This primarily involves one’s way of thinking. We can start with the following: “I have pubic hair and it’s a part of me and it’s beautiful and good.” It may sound foolish, but we should always start in a positive way. When a colleague says that it’s ugly, we just laugh at her; how could something that is a part of you be ugly. When a boyfriend says that he’s bothered by it, you ask him why and how he can be bothered by something that has nothing to do with him. His task is to accept things and not determine them. If you want to look like a woman, you should have a patch, otherwise you look like a plastic doll, or even worse, like a 10-year old girl. If you have a partner who likes it, he’s brainwashed well.

You may get an idea to shave your pubic hair because you’re interested in how it feels like? Shave it immediately and enjoy the result. You’re the master of your body and there’ll be no harm done. This is the right decision, motivated by curiosity and not by an external source, that is, the desires of other people. On the other hand, you can let it grow.


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