Lick Him From Head to Toe!

27.04.2011 | By: A. B.

Men would enjoy it if their partners performed fellatio more often. Therefore do not hesitate – lick every part of his body, without taboos.



lick him

Lick his whole body with your tongue - he will greatly appreciate it. (Photoxpress)


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Lick his lips

It is a known fact that women prefer kissing far more than men and that men only indulge them to get more easily through their life. However, don’t be tricked by this cliché. Man like kissing as well, especially if you kiss him in a passionate and wet way and show him that you truly want to taste his tongue with your mouth. While kissing, don’t forget to lick his lips because it will, without doubt, strongly arouse him. If he also likes to have your saliva on his face, lick his cheeks and forehead. In short, let your tongue leave trails everywhere where it suits and arouses him. Kisses should be deep and devoted. Move your tongue in his mouth professionally, touch his tongue and indicate to him that he embraces your tongue with his mouth. Do the same to him and act as if giving him a blow job. You can increase the tension during kissing by stretching your tongue out of your mouth and lick each other. In other words, don’t be dull and make a real erotic show of kissing. When things become monotonous, move to your partner’s neck and ears and lick them with attentively for quite some time. Don’t forget to lick the nape of the neck. Your man will be very pleased with your hot and wet tongue in that place.

Lick his back, nipples and abdomen

If you want to devote your attention properly to every inch of your partner’s body, you have to lick him systematically, that is, precisely but still spontaneously enough to avoid looking like a robot. Before you lick his back, let him lie down comfortably on his belly, and when you lick his belly, he lies on his back. When licking his back, remember to cover the whole surface, particularly the line from the end of his buttocks up to the nape of his neck. This is a strong erogenous zone that will drive your man completely wild. With your tongue, draw a line from the end of his buttocks up to the nape of his neck several times by pressing your tongue strong enough to create the feeling of a massage. Then make circles and lick him in the zig-zag pattern, or simply, use your imagination and play with his back. When he turns on his back, do the same to his belly, chest and nipples. Don’t rush things. You can also nibble him a little to make him even more excited. This particularly applies to his nipples, which you can also squeeze with your teeth gently or less gently.

Use your tongue to lick his feet

If you really want to devote attention to your performance, you can also lick his feet. Suck each toe separately, lick his soles and lick the foot itself. When the man notices your performance, he will be truly pleased because he will feel your love and, without doubt, your devotion. You can also use your teeth when licking his feet and tease him in that way too, or you can take several toes into your mouth at the same time and act again as if performing oral sex. Look straight into his eyes while you lick his feet and liste top every moaning sound he makes. Then move your tongue higher to his knees and thighs and lick them passionately, and make him barely wait for you to lick his penis.

Lick his anus, testicles and penis

Never forget that men like it very much if you lick their anus. That’s why you should lick him passionately, devoting special attention to those parts, so that he really feels how much you enjoy it and don’t do it just because of him. Let him lie on his belly and raise his buttocks to prepare the opening for your action. If you want, you can spread his buttocks apart with your hands, or you can ask him to do it. You will be surprised how quickly he will respond to your request and literally display his cheeks for licking. Lick his anus with great attention. Lick it like ice cream or simply circle with your tongue around his hole and stimulate him until he is totally exhausted. If you’re really courageous and naughty, you can insert the tip of your tongue inside his anus and penetrate him slightly. If you don’t feel like it, just lick his anus until he goes crazy. Do the same with his testicles and penis. Don’t insert his penis into your mouth, but just lick it. The whole surface, head, root, around the root and back again. Make combinations with licking his testicles and let him know that you want him to explode into your mouth or on your face. When he climaxes, don’t pull back. Keep licking the head of his penis while he ejeculates sperm, and give him the best orgasm of all time. When he stops ejaculating, continue kissing his penis and gently licking his testicles. Men like it if you don’t storm to the bathroom, but devote your attention to his penis for a while longer. Be attentive, persisitent, hot and creative. Then just wait until he returns the favour. He will do his best and you won’t be able to comprehend what’s happened to you.


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