Make him your oral sex slave! (part 1)

7.08.2009 | By: Izabela M

Some couples dare to take it up a notch during oral intercourse. Are you one of them?

Maybe it’s time that, during intercourse, you showed your partner he’s been naughty.

Maybe it’s time that, during intercourse, you showed your partner he’s been naughty.


If your partner absolutely adores licking your crotch and if he enjoys simply giving you pleasure and he exhibits total commitment to you, if he would like for you to be a bit more daring and bossy during this oral intercourse, by all means do it. Feel free to become a dominatrix for your little sexual slave. This game works best when he did something naughty during the day.


Licking the crotch

Every true sex slave must show that he even deserves to lick the crotch. Start by allowing him to sniff your vagina through your panties. If he tries to remove your panties without your permission, be rude and let him know that this isn’t allowed and that he’ll be punished if he’s naughty. Even though you may feel he’s about to explode from the desire to lick your crotch, do not let him do it right away. Make him even more aroused by asking him how much he really wants to taste your vagina’s juices on his tongue. Ask him questions that will drive him crazy. Tell him he must show you how much he really wants this and that you’ll remove your panties only when you think he deserves it. But do not stall so long that he will not be turned on any more. After a while, take your panties off, but do not give him permission to touch your vagina just yet. He should know in advance that he will be punished if he is disobedient. If he’s still naughty and doesn’t do what you ask him, slap him softly and threaten him that you’ll stop your hot little game. Use the panties you’ve taken off for the following moves. He should show his commitment to you by sniffing them, taking them in his mouth and rubbing them against his erected penis. If he’s a good boy and deserves your affection, you can give him the wonders of your crotch.


Be daring, bossy, wild and uncompromising.

Be daring, bossy, wild and uncompromising.


Licking the fingers

Before you allow his tongue to slip between your labia, let him show you how much he really wants this. Ask him how he likes your vagina. He should tell you that he is crazy about it, its scent and taste. Reward him for his good behaviour. Caress your crotch with your fingers and put them in front of his face and order him to lick the fingers clean. He should lick every last drop. You can also push the fingers into his mouth and smear the saliva on his face. Ask him about the flavour and don’t be happy with a poor reply. Demand only superlative descriptions of your crotch. If he does well, you can let him lick you. He will be purring as he is doing this and he will moan together with you like never before. Let you game become your aphrodisiac.


Entice him with the taste of your vagina on your fingers.

Entice him with the taste of your vagina on your fingers.


Add some saliva

Licking shouldn’t remain just licking. You can also moan wildly, compliment him, scream, do whatever you want. Also, every so often move your body away from his mouth. Make him beg you to continue. Make him plead with you that you not move your vagina away from him. Only when he’s literally on his knees asking for your crotch do you return the treat to his mouth. During the licking, you can also lift yourself up a bit with your pelvis and show him that you want him to lick your anus as well. A good slave should obey his mistress and lick whatever she wants. To keep the licking from becoming “dry”, lift his face with your hand and order him to open his mouth. If he’s a good boy when he receives your saliva, then he deserves some praise as well. Tell him he’s your little dirty boy and that he has earned your saliva only because of his obedience. You can give him some of your saliva during the licking as well. While his mouth is busy on your crotch, spit some saliva on your vagina. Order him to lick the saliva off. Ask him to compliment you on how good and tasty your saliva is and make him tell you he adores it. If you want to be really dirty, you can also spit into your hand and smear the saliva all over his face. Don’t be concerned with the idea that your partner might find you crazy. The crazier you are, the more he’ll enjoy it and be turned on.

If you’re daring enough, make him work for your saliva as well.

If you’re daring enough, make him work for your saliva as well.


Switching positions, let the nose take over for the tongue

Switch position so that he’s lying on his back and you’re kneeling above his face. In other words, sit on his face. He should have your vagina in front of his mouth. He should lick it while lying down and you should make soft circles with your pelvis. He will not be circling around your vagina with his tongue, but you’ll be circling with your vagina on his tongue. First, rub ever so slightly and in small circles, then go crazy and start rubbing in ever increasing circles. Do not keep your vagina only on his tongue any more, but smear it all over his face. The next piece of information may sound weird and perverse, but it’s true: his nose is a great clitoris stimulator. Each time you rub up against it, you’ll feel a  very pleasant caressing sensation.




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