Make him your oral sex slave! (part 2)

14.08.2009 | By: Izabela M

This time we will be even more perverse in describing how to turn him into your slave.

Don’t hold back with your perverted desires. He will gladly fulfil them for you.

Don’t hold back with your perverted desires. He will gladly fulfil them for you.

Suffocating with the vagina


After rubbing your vagina on his face, go even a step further. If you are really brave and want something really perverse during oral intercourse, do the so-called suffocation. Do this only if your partner is totally prepared for something like this. First prepare him for the suffocation with a few words. Ask him again how crazy he is about your vagina and if he’s ready to do something really wild for you. If his answer is affirmative and full of enthusiasm, tell him to stick his tongue out as far as he can and taste the depth of your vagina. You can also participate by spreading your labia lightly with your fingers. Do this twice or three times before getting him ready for the next, really wild step. Ask him if he wants to be even more daring. Pay attention to his answer again. Let him know that he would show his real and true commitment by allowing you to sit on his mouth with your vagina and hold his nose with your hand, so that he couldn’t breathe. Remain playful and set a time limit for this action. For example, make it five seconds for the first time, ten for the second and so on. Keep the time limits reasonable. Also tell him when you’ll do this, so he can be ready and breathe in if necessary. Spread your labia and do it. We promise that you’ll drive him crazy.

Give him your vagina in a completely different way.

Give him your vagina in a completely different way.


Make him taste his penis

Because you have done the suffocation thing a few times, you can continue the game in an even more perverse way. Compliment him on his commitment again. Be naughty and tell him that you had your doubts at the beginning if he even deserved your vagina and that you think much better of him. Tell him that you’re very pleased with your dirty boy for the moment. Use your beautiful, soft and convincing voice to convince him into doing something even crazier. Tell him that you’d be very happy and pleased if he would taste his penis besides your vagina. It’s important if you know in advance whether his answer will be full of approval or if he’ll resist this. If you think he’ll resist, don’t try to convince him and don’t even ask him to do it because a negative answer can spoil the mood. If you know he’ll say yes, you can do this in this way: for a start, stroke his penis with your fingers and put the fingers in front of his mouth. Don’t be surprised if he uses his hand to stimulate himself during all of this because he really has to be aroused to do something like this. Let him do it. If he likes the taste of his penis on your fingers, you can take your perverse actions even further. You can move your vagina closer to his penis, rub the surface of your vagina against the head of his penis and return to your previous position. Now he can feel the taste of his penis on your vagina as well. You can also sit on his penis, which will only make you both more aroused. Then you can tell him to go deep into your vagina with his tongue again.

Incorporate the moistness of his penis into the game.

Incorporate the moistness of his penis into the game.

Have you heard of a golden shower?

A golden shower means urinating over your partner’s body or even into his mouth. You can do this if you know that your partner isn’t prejudiced and has no reservations about “peeing”. Only if your partner really wants it, can you add a few urine-scented drops to his licking. If it makes him even wilder, why not.

Control him like a real dominatrix.

Control him like a real dominatrix.


The whole mistress – slave game is concluded by having an orgasm in his mouth. And don’t forget your role. He should suck your juice to the last drop. Only then do you lower your vagina and have him come as well. When it’s all over, we can guarantee that he’ll be fantasizing about this game for weeks to come. We’ll discuss making him your slave during the sexual act itself the next time.




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