Master Spanking the Bottom!

1.02.2012 | By: T. B.

Erotic bottom spanking is a sex game which has nothing to do with disciplining or re-educating your partner.



spanking bottom 1Spanking doesn’t automatically make you a BDSM fan. (PhotoXpress)
spanking bottom 2Spanking can be an element of sadomasochistic games. (PhotoXpress)
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Needless to say, spanking your partner's bottom should never be an aggressive act and should always be done with his or her permission.

The emotional history of each individual is also important here, especially if taking punches, because you can inadvertently trigger or recall painful memories from your or your partner's past.

Myths about spanking

Spanking doesn’t mean hitting people until they’re covered with bruises. Of course, the intensity depends on the participants - some want a hint of passionate violence, others are happy with a gentle slap on the bottom. Unbearable pain isn’t necessarily a part of spanking. If you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, don't use a leather whip (despite a belief that wood hurts more).

Spanking doesn’t require a special way of life: if you wish to be hit now and then by your lover, that doesn’t mean you have to start wearing leather and other gear of the sort, which is typical of BDSM games.

So, is spanking a part of BDSM games?

Some think that spanking the bottom's the first step to “doom”, but such fears have no realistic foundation. The main reason for spanking isn’t humiliation, like with other, more extreme forms of sex games. A small act of subjugation like this isn't an expression of humiliation.

Spanking can be considered a mild form of BDSM practices, but is actually only one element that can be used in sadomasochistic games, and doesn’t always mean rough sex. Its goal isn't making your partner cry from pain, and the essence of spanking isn’t hitting, but talking and having fun.

How to start spanking his or her bottom?

First, it’s good to know why is spanking the bottom so pleasant. Light slapping of the bottom can help make the muscles more relaxed, and if you hit someone, you accelerate the blood flow and the arousal increases. Therefore, you can also achieve a desired effect if you lightly spank the woman’s crotch because it’s much more willing if it’s full of blood. "Lightly" is here the keyword.

You can also warm your bodies up with massaging the hips, the behind and the thighs. Knead your lover's body until their skin turns lightly pink. When he or she's completely relaxed, spanking will fulfil its purpose and things will be pleasant for both of you. If you’re beginners, you should of course firsttalk about what you want and expect.

Advice for more sparks during spanking

Additional relaxation is provided by laughter, and a relaxed atmosphere is the basis of spanking. Unlike some other practices, bottom spanking doesn’t require you to be deadly serious. Laughter comes even more easily if you start role playing, which can encompass anything from roles portraying age difference (teacher – student) to roles of saviours and victims, bosses and secretaries...

You can apply some water to your bodies during spanking, since wet skin responds better to being hit. You might decide for spanking right after a bath, before you dry yourself. You can achieve a similar effect with ice cubes.

The intensity of spanking

The intensity of spanking has to be decided on with mutual consent: should we use gloves, perhaps a whip, a ladle or any other accessory? What are the limits - what parts of the body can be involved? Is leaving marks allowed?

Spanking marks, the traces of spanking of middle intensity, will be gone in two hours. Keep in mind that the consequences of rougher spanking can persist on your skin for as long as several weeks. Hot showers and baths don’t help.


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