Play with Your Pubic Hair!

7.03.2012 | By: T. B.

Pubic hair isn’t always a nuisance you have to get rid of for everyone. For some it’s also a source of pleasure.



pubic hair

Shaved or not, pubic hair should be a source of joy. (PhotoXpress)


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Hairiness trends differ according to the environment and time we live in. Due to what we see around us, in the media and if we were to follow advice on shaving, we could easily come to the conclusion that in our world nowadays shaving our pubic hair is the law and hairiness the exception.

Why is shaved pubic hair better?

There are many reasons to shave your pubic hair. Many people simply find pubic hair non-aesthetic and consequently unattractive. The other reason is supposedly hygienic. Smooth genital area is believed to be more hygienic and easier to maintain. The third reason is most directly connected to sexuality - a shaved pubic region is supposedly more susceptible, sensitive and grateful to the touch. Most people can’t imagine sucking the labia majora if they were covered with pubic hair. Finding the labia minora, if they’re hidden underneath a forest and are small, seems like a real achievement. Some people who swear by smooth pubic region, really get into this. Removing pubic hair can thus become a real art form and certainly not a matter of routine and accidental slicing with a razor. Artistic sense and imagination are also wanted if you decide to keep the pubic hair.

Pubic hair can also be decorative

Some find hair on the pubic region to be a real decoration. The pubic region can be just as aesthetic and erotic with it. Be an artist, magician and warrior. Tackle the pubic hair and also give her an amazing orgasm along the way, for which she’ll keep you in her memory as an incredible artist of lovemaking. We can also help you with a few suggestions.

What to do with a hairy pubic region?

Pubic hair can be used as an accessory when tackling the pubic region. Stroking the pubic hair and playing with it can be a nice introduction into intercourse. Only touching and caressing isn’t enough for everyone. They don’t stop at only that, but also spice up the game. They make a real work of art when playing with pubic hair. Tugging on the pubic hair is a special category and a special type of art. It can be very pleasant, but it can quickly turn into a painful experience. If you find the right way, you can also find an orgasm. Every hair on the body has nerves in it. And the pubic region is a special territory when it comes to this. Making braids is only a way of foreplay and it stimulates the labia with its light pulling. When the pubic hair is joined into strands of braids, this also makes the rest of the game easier.

If you’re for removal or for making braids - pubic hair should be fun to you. Let your imagination wander freely.


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